Tuesday, April 2, 2019

This KPOP Idol looks like Angel Locsin and fans are going crazy!

Koreans Superstars have undeniably taken the Philippines by storm through the appearances of K-Dramas on our screens and playing of K-Pop music on our radios. For the past years, their popularity far reaches the Korean entertainment enthusiasts in the country and their Filipino fans have drastically grown in number. Their cool taste in fashion is also trending amongst the Filipinos and they are unstoppable.

No wonder why everyone is clamouring about the uncanny resemblance of Jeongyeon of the wildly popular K-Pop girl group, TWICE, and our very own, Ms. Angel Locsin! Their notable facial similarities didn’t escape the internet notice and fans of both the KPOP star and the Filipina actress are stunned. Both having Asian features, captivating “chinita” eyes and nearly-identical smiles that won hearts all over the world, they can really be mistaken as sisters or even twins!

On a report by ABS-CBN News, it was mentioned that Jeongyeon of super-popular girl group TWICE was born in 1996 while Angel was born in 1985. The two stars have 11-year age difference making it more shocking to fans because what are the odds of having a “lookalike” in a myriad pool of genetic diversity. It’s rocket science so let’s just say that the odds are really astounding!

The report also says that it started in 2017 when fans have noticed the crazy similar features, how huge KPOP star, Jeongyeon of TWICE looks like a mirror image of Angel Locsin.

We can't believe we didn't see it before so see it for yourself! Here are some of the photos showing how the two stars look a lot like each other!

They even shared the same haircut. Cool, isn’t it?

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Source: ABS-CBN


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