Wednesday, April 3, 2019

ON THIS DAY: Angel Locsin’s DARNA premiered and these DARNA fan arts will bring back all the feels!

Exactly 14 years ago, Angel Locsin took the titular role of Darna (2005) and today in the history, this superlative piece of work premiered on Philippine National TV. This Mars Ravelo’s comic book super-heroine character solidified her ICON status that even up to this day remains unrivalled. When she donned the trademark red and gold costume, her calibre as a supernal artist in ACTION and primo in DRAMA rose to prominence, embellished by her unmatched beauty and presence. She is unarguably one of the best portrayals of the Filipino comic super-heroine. In fact, she has always been the top pick to reprise the role but they came to a mutual decision to pass it on to someone else due to Angel’s spine injury. This final decision broke the hearts of millions but one thing is for sure, Angel as Darna is already set in stone and will be remembered for generations.

Many also dubbed Angel as people’s favorite and real-life Darna for she personalizes her in real life through her charity and humanitarian works on and off cam. Not to mention the impeccable and unrivalled achievement of the Darna (2005) tv series as it still undisputed in terms of social impact and viewership for having the highest national TV rating in the Philippine history. As the Darna to beat, Angel Locsin can be considered an unsung superhero for all the right reasons.

And as we remember the strong debut of Darna 2005 today, we came across a fan art by a netizen who goes by the handle @RhafaelAseo who took to Twitter a beautiful digital art of the female superhero mentioning Angel Locsin and her teleserye, “The General’s Daughter.”

He wrote:

Red Angel "The General's Daughter" lived a quiet peaceful life. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only Jerrold Tarog, Master of the period films can save the franchise... #SigawDarna #TheGeneralsDaughter #Dune #Darna

Another netizen who goes by the handle @denimcatfish joined in the trend with an equally impressive digital art of Darna and Marvel’s first Filipina superhero, Wave.

The tweet went, “Just finished rewatching Kill La Kill + seeing all the Darna work lately... and I wanted to do art of Darna and Wave so here's what popped out. xD #sigawdarna #wave #killlakill.” It was retweeted by Angel Locsin herself and fans went crazy about the idea of Angel as both Darna and Wave.

Angel’s superhero days might already be behind her as she said on a tweet recently but for her fans, she will always be their “Darna.”

Angel Locsin is currently playing the role of 2nd Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio in the top-rating show, The General’s Daughter.

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