Monday, April 1, 2019

MUST READ: Angel Locsin as Marvel’s Water Warrior - WAVE causes online storm!

Recently, the comic book giant Marvel announced that they have created a new character, their first Filipina superhero named "Wave" and showed its marvellous image via Twitter. “As announced at @sxsw, I’m thrilled to share the great @leinilyu’s stunning design of WAVE, Marvel’s new Filipino superhero! Gorgeous colors by @sunnygho! She’ll appear for the first time in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 May, with art by Gang-Hyuk Lim!”

It immediately caused online frenzy and the marvel fans raved about the character including The General’s Daughter Star, Angel Locsin, who expressed her admiration to the new Pinay Heroine and tweeted, “I'm excited to learn more about this character! I [love] that her weapon of choice is a Kampilan, which is believed to be the sword Lapu-Lapu used to strike down Ferdinand Magellan. So, [thumbs up] for that! Regarding her costume, I wonder what’s the inspiration behind the design?”

To her surprise, it caught the attention of the co-creator and designer of the primo character, Leinil Yu, replied saying, “It’s a collaboration of ideas between me, greg and Marvel editorial:). Would love to see you as wave, Angel!” Yes you read it right! The designer of the Wave himself would love to see Angel Locsin play the character!

Just as much as how we all tingled with joy and excitement about the designer, Leinil Yu’s choice casting, and so was Angel. She was flattered with the reply that she even reposted the conversation on her Instagram story.

“Can’t stop smiling. Thank you, Sir @leinilyu for the wonderful reply,” she wrote.

A netizen who goes by the Twitter handle @sweet17claire reposted the actress’ IG story and said that she would also love to see Angel as Wave. However, Angel Locsin turned down suggested casting of Marvel's Filipina superhero Wave and replied to the tweet, “Tapos na ako sa superhero roles hehehe. But kilig na nagreply ang creator.” The actress made it clear that her Superhero days were already behind her and it’s just so heartbreaking.

Angel is no stranger when it comes to portraying superhero roles but one thing is for sure, she will forever go down in history for her iconic portrayals.

Meanwhile, another netizen suggested that she might consider taking the role of real-life Filipina hero Gabriela Silang if given the chance to have a biopic for her, following historical films Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. Angel said it would be her “dream role.”

We can totally see her playing Gabriela Silang and WE'RE ALL IN FOR IT! She is the country’s ACTION-DRAMA QUEEN after all, YES? YES!!!

Source: ABS-CBN


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