Monday, April 1, 2019

#FriendshipGoals: Dimples Romana with her closest sisters in showbiz — Angel Locsin, Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo!

Finding genuine friendship in the exhilarating world of show business is perceived to be almost impossible. In the world that’s full of make believe, only few are those who stay true to their words. Luckily, there’s still few who values friendship and found someone who were able to maintain their unbreakable sisterhood through the test of time. Yes, we are talking about Dimples Romana and three of her closest friends in the industry — Angel Locsin, Julia Montes and Kathryn Benardo.

From reel to real, that’s how one can perfectly describe Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana’s friendship. They played as bestfriends in “Lobo” where Angel is the “Huling Bantay” and Dimples was her “Tagapangalaga” or “Gabay” never did they know that the friendship they established through a script will eventually become a reality and will last for a lifetime. Their friendship never wavers and their continuous support to each other is nothing but #friendshipgoals!

Meanwhile, her filial connection with Julia and Kathryn started while they were filming the incarnation of the classic family Mara Clara in 2010. Despite playing the role of a mom to the characters of the two young actresses, the 33-year-old seasoned actress stood only as an older sister for them.

These actresses are some of the most in demand actresses of today. Dimples Romana is continuously shaking the life of Romina as Daniela in Kadenang Ginto, Kathryn Bernardo is working on her upcoming movie, Julia Montes is taking her time off outside the country with her family and Angel Locsin is Rhian Bonifacio in The General’s Daughter who’s serving breathtaking and intense scenes each night and though they don’t have the luxury of time to catch up with things that’s going on with each other’s lives, they still managed to keep in touch and remain as friends and did not lose the bond they’ve established from the start!

There’s is definitely a complete definition of #Friendshipgoals!

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