Thursday, April 4, 2019

Fans thank Angel Locsin for being their inspiration for their academic awards and recognition!

People look up to celebrities as good role models and inspiration towards education, environment, beliefs, career, lifestyle, humanity and other life aspects. Some celebrities never back down from having a good education despite their hectic schedule and encourage the youth to make it a priority. Some actively participate in projects concerning the environment and animal safety. Some stand up for what they believe in and never afraid to speak their mind. Some are remarkably doing well in their craft that hugely inspire others to be the same in their chosen field. Famous people also share their personal life on social media like their adventures, travel and lifestyle which affects people’s standards. And their will power and contribution to humanity make a really great impact.

Having said that, Angel Locsin is the celebrity that first comes to mind. She is not only one of the most sought after and most notable actresses but also an educated woman who educates generations. She is a woman whose actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. She is simply herself whose heart, attitude and class that amazes. Indeed a good role model that people should look up to.

In fact, we came across a post on Instagram by a fan who goes by the handle @_angellocsin who shared a photo of her certificate of recognition for achieving excellence awards with honors thanking Angel for being her inspiration to study harder.

Another fan with the name, Irish Nicole Lopez, also posted a photo of her medal on Instagram for being the Best in Technology and Livelihood Education in their class. She shared that this school year has been challenging but she was able to go through it because of Angel and her family that serve as her inspiration.

Erica Buscuit, who just finished Junior High School with flying colors and Roxanne Mañego who received medals and certificate for academic excellence also thanked Angel for being one of their inspirations.

Congratulations! You are an inspiration yourselves to the youth! Keep at it!

How are you inspired by Angel? Tell us your story on the comment box below!

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