Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Dimples Romana, thankful to Angel Locsin for looking after her kids!

Lyka and Trixie’s friendship has come a long way. Over ten years after what it seems like a one season friendship that started on the set of the iconic TV series Lobo, they actually became friends in real life and at present, they still represent what the actual #friendshipgoals looks like.

Just recently, another manifestation on how they love and value each other has once again inspired other people. In an instagram post, Dimples Romana shared how Angel Locsin ends up babysitting her kids. On her caption she narrated how her day went spending with her family and planned to watch movie that isn’t fitting for her kids to watch “I made sure I made time for the ones who are truly important to me. Flew RC planes with the hubby in Batangas, ran around my kids in the field, joined a birthday celebration of a friend, went to see one of my most missed friends, booked a movie to be with my bro in law and sis in law, tapos naalala ko hindi nga pala pwede ang mga anak ko sa movie na papanuorin namin.” And since Angel Locsin, who’s a Ninang to her 4 year old son Alonzo lives nearby the cinema, she aked her a favor of looking after her kids “So naisip ko, teka anlapit ng sinehan kay Gel. So I asked her if I can leave my kids with her while we watch the 2-hour movie. Shempre best in Ninang sya, she said yes and that spontaneous babysitting she did for her inaanaks turned into the most fun time we’ve had in a long time.”

“Pagkasundo namin sa mga bata, nagkwentuhan, kumain, nagtawanan at nangarap ulit! So happy for you mars at Salamat sa pagkakaibigan that goes beyond showbiz. Nung naisip ko na isang Angel Locsin ang nagbabantay sa mga anak ko, nangiti ako at naalala ko why we’re friends in the first place. Dahil sa pagkakaibigan natin, Walang artista. Tao lang, Salamat. Haba na sorry. Aylabyu Gel.. Saludo ako sa pagiging totoo At pagiging tao mo.. Walang hihigit” — Dimples added.

Their friendship is a solid proof that you can find true friend in this world that’s full of make believe, that no matter how tight your schedule was, or how one was caught up with their own career and family, genuine friendship can and will withstand the test of time no matter what.

Source: Instagram


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