Saturday, April 6, 2019

Angel Locsin todo alalay kay Loisa Andalio!

The General’s Daughter top billed by the Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin which is now on its 11th week is continuously winning over its rival show. Apart from its interesting story line and the way it was told unconventionally, what made the viewers hooked is the brilliance of the actors in portraying their roles.

Fifty five episodes and viewers have nothing but good words for the show. Its cinematography and the mounting of the scenes are topnotch. Behind these breathtaking scenes is a great team working together to deliver and give the viewers nothing but the best.

Actors have been working together, spending majority of their time working on its scenes which takes up to more than 12 hours every other day. Having said that, it is very obvious that they have developed a close relationship treating each other like a family just like Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio. These two seems to have found a sister in each other. Loisa Andalio is Angel Locsin’s “bunsoy” and their interactions on Twitter and Instagram is the cutest and sweetest thing ever!

Just recently, The General’s Daughter had their taping in a mall, they were spotted at the premises of a restaurant where they had their lunch. As expected, they were mobbed by the people who knew that they were in the area. Angel, Loisa and Ronnie was caught on cam going out of a restaurant. In the video that was uploaded by the facebook user who goes by the name “Reb-reb Bagaipo” it can be seen how Angel Locsin looks after Loisa. Angel made sure to secure Loisa by her side and not get mobbed by fans. Such a sweet gesture from the sweetest Ate!

These two can really pass as sisters don’t you think? Aside from the fact that they really treat each other as real life sisters, their resemblance is also uncanny.

You can watch more of Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio in The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Watch the full video here: Facebook


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