Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A proof of Angel Locsin's passion and dedication to her craft.

More than two months after the pilot episode of the biggest Action Drama Series of 2019, The General's Daughter is undeniably setting high standards for teleserye. It continuously and consistently gains the highest viewership in terms of TV ratings and dominates the online world as a nightly trending topic on Twitter and other social media platforms.

And as the story goes on, it totally became more intense and interesting. Kudos to the entire cast and production who works hard to give nothing but the best episode each night. And of course talking about this, if there is one person who's dedication and passion is incomparable, that is The General's Daughter herself Ms. Angel Locsin. She's likely the first actress that comes to mind whenever a role requires action and fight scenes, despite of having a spine injury a few years back then, now Angel proves that she still and she can do better in this kind of genre where she love most.

In her newest TV series we have seen her jump into the sea during the pilot episode, and just recently we saw her hanging underneath a moving truck and amazingly perform a knife-fighting scene and different stunts or fight scenes. With this intense and breathtaking performances Angel refused to have a stunt double. A proof of her hard work and dedication recently went viral when Angel shared a photo showing her battle scars where she got from taping her stunts and action scenes and it was reposted by ABS-CBN on their instagram with the caption "Are those @therealangellocsin #BattleScars? #TGDAlamin as of this writing the video garnered 7,882 likes. Some netizens also express their admiration and worries for her.

Seeing those battle scars, we can definitely say that 5 years of waiting for her comeback is very much worth it because she continuously giving us nothing but the best performance each night. Indeed, Angel Locsin deserves to be hailed as the country's Action Drama Queen.

For more intense and breathtaking episodes please continue watching The General's Daughter every weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime after FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

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