Sunday, April 7, 2019

A fan becomes emotional upon meeting Angel Locsin! Find out why!

At least once in our lifetime, we had that moment picturing ourselves meeting someone we admire the most. Imagining what it’s like to be with them in the same room, breathing the same air. But what if it suddenly becomes a reality? That all of a sudden the person you once wished to meet is already right in front of you? It sure is a dream come true!

The chance of meeting someone in Angel Locsin’s stature is probably one in a million. She’s either mobbed by fans or guarded by tons of marshals stopping people to come near her thus having the chance to get close to her can be quite overwhelming just like what the facebook user who goes by the name “Mariz Jobelle Camballa Imson” felt on that one unforgettable day. She met Angel Locsin unexpectedly while on the set of the ongoing TV series “The General’s Daughter.” She posted a photo of her with Angel and shared a brief story behind it with the caption that reads — “Yung di ko kinaya di umiyak at manginig! ❤️ I love you so much ❤️ Napakabait nya sobra! Yung di mo ineexpect mag kakaron ka ng kahit 30 sec conversation with her!” she also went ahead and shared their short conversation —

“Angel: Oh bakit ka umiiyak? Me: Super love kasi kita! Angel: Naku baka isipin nila inaway kita” then Angel gave her a warm big hug right after.

On the comment’s section of the said post, she enthusiastically shared how kind and accomodating Angel Locsin is — “Naku napaka ubod ng GANDA AT SOBRANG BAIT!!!! Sya pa nalapit sa tao para makapag pa picture”

She’s one lucky fan isn’t she? Meeting Angel Locsin could possibly be one of the most unforgettable moments in someone’s life!

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Angel Locsin todo alalay kay Loisa Andalio!

The General’s Daughter top billed by the Action Drama Queen Angel Locsin which is now on its 11th week is continuously winning over its rival show. Apart from its interesting story line and the way it was told unconventionally, what made the viewers hooked is the brilliance of the actors in portraying their roles.

Fifty five episodes and viewers have nothing but good words for the show. Its cinematography and the mounting of the scenes are topnotch. Behind these breathtaking scenes is a great team working together to deliver and give the viewers nothing but the best.

Actors have been working together, spending majority of their time working on its scenes which takes up to more than 12 hours every other day. Having said that, it is very obvious that they have developed a close relationship treating each other like a family just like Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio. These two seems to have found a sister in each other. Loisa Andalio is Angel Locsin’s “bunsoy” and their interactions on Twitter and Instagram is the cutest and sweetest thing ever!

Just recently, The General’s Daughter had their taping in a mall, they were spotted at the premises of a restaurant where they had their lunch. As expected, they were mobbed by the people who knew that they were in the area. Angel, Loisa and Ronnie was caught on cam going out of a restaurant. In the video that was uploaded by the facebook user who goes by the name “Reb-reb Bagaipo” it can be seen how Angel Locsin looks after Loisa. Angel made sure to secure Loisa by her side and not get mobbed by fans. Such a sweet gesture from the sweetest Ate!

These two can really pass as sisters don’t you think? Aside from the fact that they really treat each other as real life sisters, their resemblance is also uncanny.

You can watch more of Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio in The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Must Read: Who inspires Angel Locsin to buy a farm land? Find out here.

In the world of showbiz, celebrities don’t always make the best bets out of their endorsements, television and movie projects. While there are endless stories about money being poorly managed or blown on luxurious cars and homes, some famous names have made savvy, if not always splashy, choices on where to place their hard-earned money.

In the local entertainment industry, Angel Locsin is one of the celebrities who took their investment acumen to another level. In a recent interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at her press conference for her new prime-time series, The General's Daughter, Angel revealed that owning farm land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan 5 years ago was an achievement unlocked and was one of the best decisions she has ever made. "Kaya ako nagkaroon ng lupa sa Bulacan, kasi gusto ko mag-farm. Buti na lang din, good idea, kasi ang mahal na dun ng lupa ngayon.”

“Nabili ko na bago pa magbilihan yung mga tao so ewan ko, parang okay din kasi may investment ako dun,” she said in the report with PEP.”

It was not a easy decision that acteess really thought about and turned out to increase in value than expected. ABS-CBN recently announced that it would be building its new state-of-the-studio in the area.

“Nalaman ko yun, puro officials and politicians and mga big people nandudoon. So magtataka ka, bakit? E, parang agri land 'to na may konting tao ganyan, maliit yung kalye. ‘Bakit?' So nagtanung-tanong na ako, 'tapos, 'Ah ganun ba? Dito ako sa tabi ni ganito! Pero maliit lang...' Ganun lang nangyari sa akin so parang sinuwerte lang. Nagkaroon ako ng time maghanap ng parang mga pang-farm-farm dun sa five years na yun,” she tells PEP.

And she was inspired by the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta. "Nangongopya lang ako! Pag bumili si Ms. Sharon Cuneta... mga ganun Kasi meron silang mga advisers, e, wala naman akong ganun. Hindi ko afford, at wala akong knowledge about that.”

On being a residential lot, she also tells PEP, "Hindi ko siya nagawa, nag-i-start lang kasi, may pananim na siya, so harvest-harvest. Kasi na-realize ko, kahit gawin ko siyang agri-business talaga, kasi gusto ko yung all natural, all organic, fair trade, lahat ganun yung mga 'pinaglalaban ko...Yung property na yun, hindi para dun. Kahit lagyan ko yun dun, hindi siya babagay. And yung mga plants ko, magsa-suffer din because hindi ganun yung mga nandudoon. Hindi na siya magiging agri-lot kasi puro mga pabahay na yung ginagawa.”

"Binibili na siya ng mga ginagawang subdivision. ABS-CBN is there."

"Kung ibebenta ko siya without messing with the... kung wala akong ginagastos dun sa lupa na yun, kung ibebenta ko pa siya, kikita na ako dun.”

"Tapos gagastos pa ako kapag pinaayos ko. So, okay na yung steady ka lang. Wala akong ipapaayos sa 'yo pero nag-a-appreciate yung lupa niya."

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"Nakikita ng buong Pilipinas yung mukha ko pero Daddy ko hindi..."~Angel to his father's condition...

There is a saying that "Behind every great daughter is truly an amazing Dad" Having a positive father and daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl's life. And by that, she can develop a strong and confident woman in herself. A father's influence in his daughter's life shape her self-esteem and confidence.

Talking about father and daughter relationship, if there is one celebrity that we can truly admire on how she loves her father so much that is Angel Locsin. At her TV guesting in ABS-CBN morning talk show Magandang Buhay everyone was touched upon hearing her stories about her Dad. In the video uploaded by ABS-CBN on their Facebook page Angel was asked what made her decide to bought a beach property and gave it to her Dad?

"Kung anong makaka-pagpasaya sa kanya, siguro in return, ako naman ngayon, kasi noon binigay naman niya sa akin lahat, kahit hindi namin kaya nung time na yun, try nya pa din yung best nya na gawin happy yung childhood ko, na turuan nya ako in his own way. So siguro in return bilang anak, kung anong kaya kong ibigay, iprovide, iyon, ganun..." she also shared, "hindi ko kasi napagagamot yung mata ni Daddy eh, nalate ako, nalate ako, yun yung reason ko bakit din ako nag-stay sa showbiz kasi akala ko makakaipon lang ako tapos yun, kaya lang nalate ako ng ipon di ko napagamot yung eyes ni Daddy hanggang sa too late na."

"Si Daddy kasi napaka-prayerful nun, ang sipag sa church, so sya okay na, ako na lang yung hindi" sya yung ganun okay Gel I'm happy, naghuhugas pa rin ng plato pag kaya nya, matigas ang ulo ayaw magpa-assist,ganun kung kaya nya mag-isa gagawin nya ganun si Daddy.

His Dad already accepted his condition unlike her..."Ako na lang, ako na lang yung hindi kasi hindi pa nya ko nakikita eh nung time ng mga billboard, nakikita ng buong Pilipinas yung mukha ko pero Daddy ko hindi...syempre yung mga ganung bagay makita mo man lang..."

"Actually updated sya lagi...nagugulat nga ako...kahit nawala eyesight nya pero pag gusto talaga maraming paraan gumagawa sya ng way para maging part pa din ng buhay ko."

Angel is truly a kind and loving daughter who will do everything she can just to make sure her Dad will have a comfortable life just like what her father did for their family specially to her when she was still young. Their relationship is truly admirable. And this is one of the reason why she is continuously receiving a lot of blessings until now.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Fans thank Angel Locsin for being their inspiration for their academic awards and recognition!

People look up to celebrities as good role models and inspiration towards education, environment, beliefs, career, lifestyle, humanity and other life aspects. Some celebrities never back down from having a good education despite their hectic schedule and encourage the youth to make it a priority. Some actively participate in projects concerning the environment and animal safety. Some stand up for what they believe in and never afraid to speak their mind. Some are remarkably doing well in their craft that hugely inspire others to be the same in their chosen field. Famous people also share their personal life on social media like their adventures, travel and lifestyle which affects people’s standards. And their will power and contribution to humanity make a really great impact.

Having said that, Angel Locsin is the celebrity that first comes to mind. She is not only one of the most sought after and most notable actresses but also an educated woman who educates generations. She is a woman whose actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. She is simply herself whose heart, attitude and class that amazes. Indeed a good role model that people should look up to.

In fact, we came across a post on Instagram by a fan who goes by the handle @_angellocsin who shared a photo of her certificate of recognition for achieving excellence awards with honors thanking Angel for being her inspiration to study harder.

Another fan with the name, Irish Nicole Lopez, also posted a photo of her medal on Instagram for being the Best in Technology and Livelihood Education in their class. She shared that this school year has been challenging but she was able to go through it because of Angel and her family that serve as her inspiration.

Erica Buscuit, who just finished Junior High School with flying colors and Roxanne Mañego who received medals and certificate for academic excellence also thanked Angel for being one of their inspirations.

Congratulations! You are an inspiration yourselves to the youth! Keep at it!

How are you inspired by Angel? Tell us your story on the comment box below!

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Angel Locsin’s THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER leads ABS-CBN’s slate for MIPTV this year!

On a recent report by World Screen, a 33-year-old NY based publication covering the international media business, the top-rating primetime show “The General’s Daughter” top-billed by Angel Locsin is ABS-CBN’s leading entry for the company’s slate for MIPTV this year.

The said digital publication recognized Ms. Angel Locsin as an Emmy-nominated actress and it is definitely something we should also take pride on.

World Screen report says, “The drama star Emmy-nominated Angel Locsin as Second Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio, a military nurse-turned-spy trained by her adoptive father to exact revenge on his enemy.”

ABS-CBN International Distribution will also be showcasing the afternoon show, Los Bastardos and the movie, Alone Together starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

“We believe that these titles will appeal to buyers because of their portrayals of authentic and relatable characters in narratives that viewers will surely connect to,” says Laarni Yu, ABS-CBN’s sales head for EMEA. “We hope to continue actively initiating co-production partnerships with international producers and introduce our artists and talents to the global arena,” she adds on the report by World Screen.

MIPTV - Marché International des Programmes de Télévision is dubbed as the most established TV and digital content market in the world and a great avenue and licence for local networks like ABS-CBN to penetrate the international market. The Kapamilya network has been recognized in the global arena as a reliable content provider and this year’s entries led by an Angel Locsin starrer teleserye are top qualities that will surely live up to this recognition.

Congratulations Angel! You really are world class!

Watch The General’s Daughter on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD every weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano! You can also catch up on the previous episodes via iWant TV website or iWant TV app!


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

ON THIS DAY: Angel Locsin’s DARNA premiered and these DARNA fan arts will bring back all the feels!

Exactly 14 years ago, Angel Locsin took the titular role of Darna (2005) and today in the history, this superlative piece of work premiered on Philippine National TV. This Mars Ravelo’s comic book super-heroine character solidified her ICON status that even up to this day remains unrivalled. When she donned the trademark red and gold costume, her calibre as a supernal artist in ACTION and primo in DRAMA rose to prominence, embellished by her unmatched beauty and presence. She is unarguably one of the best portrayals of the Filipino comic super-heroine. In fact, she has always been the top pick to reprise the role but they came to a mutual decision to pass it on to someone else due to Angel’s spine injury. This final decision broke the hearts of millions but one thing is for sure, Angel as Darna is already set in stone and will be remembered for generations.

Many also dubbed Angel as people’s favorite and real-life Darna for she personalizes her in real life through her charity and humanitarian works on and off cam. Not to mention the impeccable and unrivalled achievement of the Darna (2005) tv series as it still undisputed in terms of social impact and viewership for having the highest national TV rating in the Philippine history. As the Darna to beat, Angel Locsin can be considered an unsung superhero for all the right reasons.

And as we remember the strong debut of Darna 2005 today, we came across a fan art by a netizen who goes by the handle @RhafaelAseo who took to Twitter a beautiful digital art of the female superhero mentioning Angel Locsin and her teleserye, “The General’s Daughter.”

He wrote:

Red Angel "The General's Daughter" lived a quiet peaceful life. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only Jerrold Tarog, Master of the period films can save the franchise... #SigawDarna #TheGeneralsDaughter #Dune #Darna

Another netizen who goes by the handle @denimcatfish joined in the trend with an equally impressive digital art of Darna and Marvel’s first Filipina superhero, Wave.

The tweet went, “Just finished rewatching Kill La Kill + seeing all the Darna work lately... and I wanted to do art of Darna and Wave so here's what popped out. xD #sigawdarna #wave #killlakill.” It was retweeted by Angel Locsin herself and fans went crazy about the idea of Angel as both Darna and Wave.

Angel’s superhero days might already be behind her as she said on a tweet recently but for her fans, she will always be their “Darna.”

Angel Locsin is currently playing the role of 2nd Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio in the top-rating show, The General’s Daughter.

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TRENDING: Angel Locsin gamely takes on the Dalagang Pilipina Challenge!

Have you heard the newest video meme, “Dalagang Pilipina” Challenge? It remains unclear who started the challenge but it is done by filming oneself making shy but funny cute faces portraying traditional “Dalagang Pilipina” as shy and demure, also timing the poses to the beat of “Dalaga,” a Tagalog song from a hiphop group, Allmo$t.

And these past couple of days, it’s almost impossible not to come across these videos memes related to this newest online craze when scrolling through your social media feeds. It has indeed taken over our online notifications and unstoppably growing in popularity. Celebrities joining in the trend are making it an instant hit and we can’t get enough of their viral video memes.

Many Kapamilya stars are jumping on the bandwagon and Angel Locsin’s entry is probably the best thing you’ll see today! The General’s Daughter star gamely joined the online craze and took to her Instagram story her unique version of the challenge. It instantly made rounds all over the web making everyone fall in love with her sense of humor. Angel took on a boyish look wearing a baseball cap and did the signature pogi gesture, captioning the video with "Pogi Problems” instead of the usual demure and wacky faces other celebs and netizens are doing and it’s just so hilarious!
Other Kapamilya celebrities like Vice Ganda, Maja Salvador, K Brosas, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros, Karla Estrada, Pokwang and Pooh have also joined in.

We can say that Filipinos are naturally happy people that as they brace many challenges, they make use of social media as a go-to avenue for channeling good vibes through memes and other hilarious posts.

Watch the hilarious clip below and roll on the floor laughing.


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A proof of Angel Locsin's passion and dedication to her craft.

More than two months after the pilot episode of the biggest Action Drama Series of 2019, The General's Daughter is undeniably setting high standards for teleserye. It continuously and consistently gains the highest viewership in terms of TV ratings and dominates the online world as a nightly trending topic on Twitter and other social media platforms.

And as the story goes on, it totally became more intense and interesting. Kudos to the entire cast and production who works hard to give nothing but the best episode each night. And of course talking about this, if there is one person who's dedication and passion is incomparable, that is The General's Daughter herself Ms. Angel Locsin. She's likely the first actress that comes to mind whenever a role requires action and fight scenes, despite of having a spine injury a few years back then, now Angel proves that she still and she can do better in this kind of genre where she love most.

In her newest TV series we have seen her jump into the sea during the pilot episode, and just recently we saw her hanging underneath a moving truck and amazingly perform a knife-fighting scene and different stunts or fight scenes. With this intense and breathtaking performances Angel refused to have a stunt double. A proof of her hard work and dedication recently went viral when Angel shared a photo showing her battle scars where she got from taping her stunts and action scenes and it was reposted by ABS-CBN on their instagram with the caption "Are those @therealangellocsin #BattleScars? #TGDAlamin as of this writing the video garnered 7,882 likes. Some netizens also express their admiration and worries for her.

Seeing those battle scars, we can definitely say that 5 years of waiting for her comeback is very much worth it because she continuously giving us nothing but the best performance each night. Indeed, Angel Locsin deserves to be hailed as the country's Action Drama Queen.

For more intense and breathtaking episodes please continue watching The General's Daughter every weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime after FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

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Dimples Romana, thankful to Angel Locsin for looking after her kids!

Lyka and Trixie’s friendship has come a long way. Over ten years after what it seems like a one season friendship that started on the set of the iconic TV series Lobo, they actually became friends in real life and at present, they still represent what the actual #friendshipgoals looks like.

Just recently, another manifestation on how they love and value each other has once again inspired other people. In an instagram post, Dimples Romana shared how Angel Locsin ends up babysitting her kids. On her caption she narrated how her day went spending with her family and planned to watch movie that isn’t fitting for her kids to watch “I made sure I made time for the ones who are truly important to me. Flew RC planes with the hubby in Batangas, ran around my kids in the field, joined a birthday celebration of a friend, went to see one of my most missed friends, booked a movie to be with my bro in law and sis in law, tapos naalala ko hindi nga pala pwede ang mga anak ko sa movie na papanuorin namin.” And since Angel Locsin, who’s a Ninang to her 4 year old son Alonzo lives nearby the cinema, she aked her a favor of looking after her kids “So naisip ko, teka anlapit ng sinehan kay Gel. So I asked her if I can leave my kids with her while we watch the 2-hour movie. Shempre best in Ninang sya, she said yes and that spontaneous babysitting she did for her inaanaks turned into the most fun time we’ve had in a long time.”

“Pagkasundo namin sa mga bata, nagkwentuhan, kumain, nagtawanan at nangarap ulit! So happy for you mars at Salamat sa pagkakaibigan that goes beyond showbiz. Nung naisip ko na isang Angel Locsin ang nagbabantay sa mga anak ko, nangiti ako at naalala ko why we’re friends in the first place. Dahil sa pagkakaibigan natin, Walang artista. Tao lang, Salamat. Haba na sorry. Aylabyu Gel.. Saludo ako sa pagiging totoo At pagiging tao mo.. Walang hihigit” — Dimples added.

Their friendship is a solid proof that you can find true friend in this world that’s full of make believe, that no matter how tight your schedule was, or how one was caught up with their own career and family, genuine friendship can and will withstand the test of time no matter what.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Angel Locsin starrer movie “The Third Party” is now in Netflix!

Do you remember Andi Medina? How her misfortunes in life led her to a roller coaster turn of events? How her failed decisions stacked up one over the other and cause conflict with her relationship between Christian and Max? Yes, she’s the well loved character in the movie The Third Party played by none other than the action drama queen herself, Ms. Angel Locsin.

The Third Party can be considered as one of the most controversial and bravest star cinema movie that shows how #LoveWins and how love sees no gender. It is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana from a screenplay written by Charlene Sawit-Esguerra and Patrick John Valencia. Angel Locsin is Andi Medina and with her are Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby. It is a certified box office hit earning more than 100M worldwide. It is not your ordinary movie about third parties, the story revolves between exes Andi, an events manager who aspires to be a fashion designer and Max (Sam), a cosmetic surgeon who both find ways to keep their relation intact after a breakup. But later on, Max finds new love with a gay oncologist for children, Christian (Zanjoe).

You might be missing one of the most progressive and talked about movies about love and gender sensitivity and luckily, the said movie is now in Netflix! Direk Jason Paul Laxama proudly shared on his twitter account that this is his first movie that made it to Netflix with which he wrote “Ang unang pelikula kong nakarating sa @Netflix_PH ❤️ @143redangel @samuelmilby @zanjoemarudo”

You can now watch and relive the story of Andi, Max and Christian any time, anywhere! And if you’re looking for other movies to watch, other Angel Locsin starrer movies such as Everything About Her and Four Sisters and A Wedding is also in Netflix available for you to enjoy!

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