Wednesday, February 13, 2019

WATCH: #TGDAminado Highlights — Rhian’s espionage uncovers Tiago’s lies!

Rhian Bonifacio is already at her wit’s end over Tiago’s betrayal. She was right all along and all she needed is a solid proof against the horrendous crime Tiago has committed. After being manoeuvred to continue spying on the military, Rhian got her way in again to the De Leon’s humble abode and there she found out that it was Franco who was tasked to kill their own people Tiago vowed to forgive and protect. Rhian confronted her father’s falsehood with the photo of the evidence she took from Jessie’s files and surprisingly got a remorseless response. “Sa pamilya bawal ang traydor,” he said.

“Wala pa ho kayong napatunayan... Pa, kung sakali bang napatunayan niyong nagtraydor ako sa inyo, ipapapatay niyo rin ba ako Pa?” Rhian questioned.

“Anak kita Rhian, alam ko hindi mo ko tatraydurin at umaasa ako na hindi tayo aabot dun. Ako ang tatay mo Rhian at wala kang ibang kakampi kundi kami,” Tiago coerced.

Meanwhile, Corazon couldn’t help but long for her long lost daughter’s presence and her vulnerable good heart is seemingly a safe haven amidst fissures in General Marcial and Rhian’s untold blood ties and also Jessie’s animosity and envy towards Rhian. Through her, Rhian is one step ahead of the game freely snooping around but definitely not for long as her heart starts to see its realness and purity.

Will Rhian continue her mission that makes her so confused of what she’s up against? Let’s all find out on the next episodes!

The General’s Daughter airs on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD every weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the highlights here: Youtube 1Youtube 2


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