Saturday, February 2, 2019

WATCH: Kris Aquino, tuwang tuwa kay Angel Locsin!

In a recent sit down interview with Abante, Kris Aquino was asked, “Looking back nung 2018, marami din namang magandang nangyari diba?”

“Super! Did you see Angel Locsin’s post? Diba ang ganda!” Kris replied. She was referring to The General’s Daughter star caption of a teaser poster she reposted on Instagram before her teleserye premiered. ”2015 challenged me. 2016 broke me. 2017 changed me. 2018 opened my eyes. 2019, I’m coming back. After 5 years.... This is Angel Locsin, reporting for duty as Rhian Bonifacio,” she wrote on caption.

“Sobra akong [nagandahan] naka-identify kasi dun sa pinagsasabi niya. Gandang ganda talaga ako. Super! As in, for me it was really the best that I’ve ever seen in my life,” Kris shared.

“Ang ganda ng wording nito. Chrinonicle niya yung years, ang ganda diba?”

Kris also added, “Tinext ko siya sabi ko, sinabi ko sa kanya kasi una pina-explain ko kasi hindi ko magets kung sino si Bernard Palanca dun sa trailer, nagtanong muna ako nun. Sabi ko sobrang ganda talaga nung full trailer.”

“Tapos sinabi ko sa kanya, ‘I read your post... 2018 made me then broke me, changed me and finally strengthened me, all in one year. Hehehe.”

Many were really inspired by Angel’s post about her reflection on the recent years and Ms. Kris Aquino was so moved that she couldn’t help but express how it was beautifully written which also made her reflect on her own ups and downs in 2018. More than that, it was so touching that Ms. Kris never really wavers in showing her love and support for Angel like we all need someone like her in our lives!

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