Friday, February 1, 2019

TRENDING TOPIC: The manhunt search for Rhian in #TGDMagtago is a huge hit among viewers!

After the fast-paced and heart-stopping thriller action sequences and beautifully told character story in the previous episodes of The General’s Daughter, Angel Locsin moved the viewers to tears on the ninth day run of this newest talk of the town on primetime!

Rhian Bonifacio’s suspenseful espionage failed and led her to be a fugitive taking her back to Isla Payapa where Manang Isabelle and Elai is. This is where she witnesses a simple life full of unconditional love, good morale and genuine happiness which awakens what her heart really desires.

The much-anticipated reunion of Rhian and Manang Isabelle went viral and catapulted the last night’s episode to the top trending topic on Twitter. Among the trending topics were #TGDMagtago and “Rhian Bonifacio”

“This girl deserve an emmy international nominee for actress. The one and only asias action drama queen.. hail to the queen @143redangel.  #TGDMagtago,” @RimandoRommel13 said.

“Angel Locsin is such an icon, on and off cam, hirap pantayan, kaya kapag may umaway jusko, expect you against the world ang eksena #TGDMagtago,“ @asbelandsilver also said.

“TGD hit jackpot with its casting. I was kinda doubting if Paulo A was a good fit but man, he makes a legit scary hitman. Angel's sudden breakdown with Maricel was amazing, that's how you act with your eyes,” @_pensieve_ tweeted.

“Ugh! I feel for Rhian in this scene. She is so torn and conflicted about what has happened recently. She turned to Manang Isabelle for comfort. Angel is amazing at delivering her lines and emotions for this character I swear! #TGDMagtago,” said @Reggie_Regz22.

“Everyone is talking about The General’s Daughter. #TGDMagtago,” @lhycua24 also tweeted.

Meanwhile, @TeamApolo said, “This serye is EXCELLENT ! superb choices of casting, everyone gives justice to respective roles..#TGDMagtago.”

“Its so hard for Rhian battling with her own identity and getting confused in a situation wherein the father he used to know is the one who makes her a Killer by using her as a SPY. #TGDMagtago,” @berylescubio related.

Watch out for the weekender episode tonight after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the Trending scene here:

Watch the Highlights here:

Manang Sabel tries to uplift Rhian!


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