Tuesday, February 19, 2019

TRENDING: “Angel Locsin,” "Rhian," “Manang Isabelle” and #TGDTensyon effortlessly trend last night!

#TGDTensyon was a strong episode way to start the week. The arising tension from the schemed reunion of the two feuding generals and their families was beautifully acted and shot and was a great way to open the episode. The dialogues were heavy-hitting and reached its boiling point when Corazon and Tiago had an climactic verbal sparring over the biggest victims of the war they’re in, their children. General Marcial came in to the rescue and wasn’t able to contain his composure seeing how emotionally hurt his wife was. Rhian, caught up in between the rivalry of her two families, took the side of the De Leons and delivered the one-liner command that ceased the fire. “Umalis na ho kayo.”

Another pivotal scene that set the episode on fire was the thrilling fight scene between Rhian and Franco at a parking lot where Franco, looking ambiguously jealous of Ethan, warned Rhian about her naturally good heart that could invalidate her from continuing her mission. “Hindi ako ganung kahina para mahulog sa target ko,” Rhian reassured. The Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano and Arjo Atayde on last night’s episode as their characters, Manang Isabelle and Elai, also rendered a more interesting story ahead and was talked about on social media.

Netizens went wild on Twitter that made the episode effortlessly trend nationwide. Among the trending topics were “TGDTensyon,” “Angel Locsin,” “Manang Isabelle” and “Rhian.”

“Umalis. Na. Ho. Kayo.” Perfectly delivered line from @143redangel !!! GRABEEE!!! GRABEEE!!! #TGDTensyon,” Twitter user @Kysleee tweeted.

“#TGDTensyon umalis na ho kayo (looking fiercely but still beautiful) galing mo ms 😇 @143redangel makuha ka sa tingin 👀 that looks that would mean a lot ... nakakamatay,” @azia_77 also tweeted.

“Ganda talaga ni @143redangel now watching #TheGeneralsDaughter #TGDTensyon feeling ko talaga love naman ni Tyago si Rhian as his daughter. Hehe,” @yuRi_ka12 said.

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Watch the Highlights here:

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