Thursday, February 14, 2019

The General’s Daughter: #TGDMapalapit tugs at viewers’ heartstrings!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and ‘The General’s Daughter’ joins the celebration by showcasing different facets of true love through great storytelling of “lukso ng dugo” between Rhian and her biological mother, Corazon, Marcial’s love that protects, Jessie’s and Franco’s that are ill-fated, the love between Claire and Ivan that starts to bloom and Ethan’s that always understands. Last night’s episode won the hearts of viewers and ended with a cliff-hanger about Arabella, the biggest victim of the long-running feud between Marcial and Tiago.

“I really like Rhian's character. Masamang mabuti pero nangingibabaw pagiging mabuti. #TGDMapalapit,” Twitter user @kapams4ever said.

“And another heartfelt scene between Rhian and Corazon. Will never get tired watching Rhian Corazon and General Marcial all in one frame #TGDMapalapit,” Another Twitter user @detteAC said.

“Feel na feel ko ang love sa episode na to. Naiiyak ako na natutuwa na sobrang random feelings. I love The General's Daughter @143redangel #TGDMapalapit malapit na malapit na sila sa isa't isa,” @nia29406256 commented.

“NW The generals daughter.. One of my favorite darama serye #TGDMapalapit,” @itsmehalcs also commented.

Meanwhile, @Drive_thru8 said, “Jessie got slapped by Corazon's request for Rhian to stay. That might have hurt her ego and fueled her dislike for Rhian. Aside from Ethan liking Rhian, Jessie now feels like Rhian is getting more attention, time & affection from her mother Corazon. #TGDMapalapit.”

“I think she really feels a sense of affinity with Rhian. Something she can't explain. #TGDMapalapit ” @earnestviewer also said.

“We SALUTE you team #TGD⁠ You are appreciated & loved! Thank you @DreamscapePH for producing TGD #TGDMapalapit,” @TeamApolo tweeted.

“Tiago has mastered the art of manipulation since then. Ang husay basta demonyo. #TGDMapalapit,” @Bitch_its_Meee also tweeted.

Source: Instagram
Watch the episode’s highlight here: Youtube


At February 14, 2019 at 3:36 PM , Blogger #au said...

Ang galing ni Rhian! The best! May doubt na cya kay Tiago. Ang gagaling!


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