Sunday, February 24, 2019

The General’s Daughter : Ethan is speechless at Rhian’s beauty!

Jc de Vera and Angel Locsin’s tandem is making noise a new. Before they became Ethan and Rhian, they were a popular pair in The Legal Wife as Max and Monica. Their characters did not end up together but as Ethan and Rhian in the ongoing popular show The General’s Daughter, do you think their tandem will have a chance this time?

Jc de Vera, playing the role of Ethan is Rhian’s boyfriend in The General’s Daughter. Ethan loves Rhian dearly never did he know that Rhian is just using him to execute her mission. Rhian at first was so certain to doing her mission but as she gets to know her targets deeper, and penetrate their life, she suddenly has a change of heart. She is now confused and conflicted and doesn’t seem to know whether to follow her father’s orders or to follow her heart.

Previously on The General’s Daughter, the military, headed by Gen. Marcial de Leon had an event to raise funds for a good cause. Everyone in the military was invited including Capt. Ethan del Fierro and Rhian. It was a formal event and everyone is expected to dress up nicely. Ethan was stunned upon seeing Rhian’s look! Looking beautiful as ever with her hair down and a blue off the shoulder jump suit, Ethan almost did not recognize his girlfriend. Her astonishing beauty glows and by the way Ethan looked at Rhian that night, he is obviously falling deeply in love with her.

The General’s Daughter is now on its 6th week and things are getting more complicated as Rhian has a sudden change of heart. She is now starting to defy Hen. Tiago’s orders. Find out her next steps and decisions as The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

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