Tuesday, February 12, 2019

#TGDPaikutin: The General’s Daughter remains as the most tweeted Primetime show!

Angel Locsin is queening on primetime with her newly premiered tv series, “The General’s Daughter” and the series’ three week-run surely, was not enough for the viewers and fans of the “Action-Drama Queen” who are nonstop clamouring online making it the nightly trending trending topic nationwide!

The storytelling is brilliantly paced far from teleserye tropes showing us authenticity and solid performances from its roster of A-lister actors. Last night’s episode was another viable feat showcasing Rhian’s verbal sparring with her blood father and the father who plays with her emotions and twists her reality. Viewers are totally sold and can’t help but react to how the show sustains its momentum and makes the story more riveting as it unfolds.

“Compelling and exciting, The General’s Daughter follows an awesome plot with great characters and a swiftly paced thrill ride. It also has the perfect amount of suspense and a big scope to cement it as a success. Kudos to The General’s Daughter team! @143redangel #TGDPaikutin,” @BedazzledB1ue tweeted.

“Hindi ko kinakaya ang mga eksena hooooo! Ang daming bala ni Angel, siksik na siksik sa talent! and bravo to Tirso din. grabehan ang mga scene. Nakaka laglag luha ka Angel . Taas na naman ang kamay ko sayo @143redangel @DreamscapePH @ericjohnsalut #TGDPaikutin,” @Isabell88440298 also tweeted.

“Imagine how strong you are as a person to be able to bear a burden like Rhian's??? Look at my heroine right here. I just wish she has *someone* to lean on, someone she doesn't have to fight or lie to. #TGDPaikutin,” Twitter user @sharkushark said.

“I just hope that the kindness of Marcial’s heart penetrate through Rhian’s confusions. Angel Locsin #TGDPaikutin The General’s Daughter,” @GlobalGilbert also said.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @sorandomchelle tweeted, “Marcial finally sees Rhian vulnerable. While Rhian sees the goodness of Marcial, contrary sa mga sinabi ni Tiago sa kanya nung bata sya. Nakapagandang bonding moment. #TGDPaikutin.”

Trended on the top spot, #TGDPaikutin was the most talked about on its time slot!

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