Friday, February 8, 2019

#TGDKonsensya: The General’s Daughter strongly ends its 3rd week, TRENDING nationwide!

The General’s Daughter is now on to its fourth week! Sustaining its lead with consistent and unbeatable high TV ratings, this new teleserye champ also causes frenzy on social media for its fresh storyline, all-star cast and production extravaganza. In fact, The General’s Daughter has always been a nightly topic on Twitter nationwide and worldwide and netizens are awed in expressing their own critiques of each episodes.

“I am telling you, she has no tell in her lies. Angel Locsin is playing one big fraud in this drama, a trained weapon, a villain and a heroine at the same time—- a total hard sell. but she is so disarming as Rhian. I am as confused as her already. #TGDKonsensya @143redangel,” Twitter user @AltheyuhMoves said.

“#TGDKonsensya I let my mom watch The general's daughter via @iwant And girl, she wouldnt even go to the cr unless matapos yung isang episode and right now, she wants to stay up late pra daw hintayin tonight's episode sa iwant. And im like "nay, 11 pm pa yun. Kaya mo pa ba?" another Twitter user @0327lalalisa_m said.

“Kadarating ko lang galing work. Naabutan ko ang #TGDKonsensya! Sulit mapaupo sa sofa habang nakatutok sa TV,” @angelinedpapa tweeted.

“The general's daughter and the general's wife. Always in awe when eula and angel shares on screen. Kudos to both of you. #TGDKonsensya,” @ger_lie12 also tweeted.

“Corazon's mother's instinct prevails over things said about Rhian. She choose to trust her heart which knows things the mind can't understand. Her heart tells her that Rhian is not a bad person. #TGDKonsensya,” @Drive_thru8 commented.

“#TGDKonsensya ung parang ng bilis ng story pero still clueless for the next twist,” said @Mejaverb_0126.

That sums up the weekender episode of The General’s Daughter. Watch the highlights and next week’s teaser below.

The General’s Daughter: Rhian confronts Tiago | EP15

The General’s Daughter February 11 Teaser

Source: Instagram


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