Friday, February 22, 2019

Sina Jessie, Rhian at Ethan nga ba ang pinakabagong love triangle gabi-gabi?

With its grand scale of production, the perfect mounting of scenes, cinematography, the storyline and the way it unfolds, and its powerhouse cast, The General’s Daughter maintains its lead against its rival show since it premiered. Now on its 5th week, viewers are continuously being served with a visual feast every time all its powerhouse cast interact and are all in one frame.

Scenes between Rhian and her biological mother Corazon always had the viewers get emotional and feel for their roles. Another fan favorite are the scenes between Jessie, Ethan and Rhian. Jessie is Ethan’s ex-girlfriend who’s still in love with him while Ethan on the other hand has fully moved on and fell in love with Rhian. Every time these three are in the same room, you can feel Jessie’s internal wrath and jealousy. We can’t really blame her for she’s still in love with someone who’s now taken by someone else. One night at the De Leon’s house, Corazon invited Ethan and Rhian for dinner, they shared good food and funny stories about Ethan and Jessie’s childhood. Things started to get awkward when Jessie talked about their past while Rhian is just right there listening. Jessie is obviously making a conscious effort to win Ethan’s heart for the second time around.

Jessie, Ethan, and Rhian might just be the new love triangle that we should watch out every night. But knowing that Rhian started her relationship with Ethan just to use him, will she eventually end up falling in love with him? All that and more are the reasons why you should not miss an episode! Watch The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Watch the full video here:

The General's Daughter: Jessie feels jealous of Rhian and Ethan | EP 17


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