Friday, February 15, 2019

LOOK: Angel Locsin and Neil Arce low-key making us KILIG this Valentines!

A thought catalog reads: Date someone who shows off pictures of you, because he can’t get over how beautiful you are. Someone who isn’t embarrassed of posting sappy statuses on his social media pages and uploading corny photos to Instagram, because he wants the world to see how in love he is. Someone who brags about your accomplishments to the world and proud of being your boyfriend who wakes up every single day and thinks about how blessed he is to have you because you’re the best choice there is.

For many, Angel Locsin have just found the one. It is known to public that she is in a happy relationship with the film producer and businessman, Neil Arce. Their relationship started pretty low-key as friends and finally took up another notch in January last year after being best of friends for years. They sure had hesitations to entertain romance at first but love overbore their indecisions. Since the big reveal, fans and on-lookers can’t get enough of the couple. They even tagged them as #NeilGel like other celebrity love teams and also called as one of the power couples in the industry no matter how unshowy they are. It’s what keeps them more likeable, I guess. And on the day of the most romantic time of the year, Neil Arce didn’t fail us, “shippers” and posted on his Instagram a photo of them together just looking at each other in their own little world away from hustle and bustle of their lives. On the caption he wrote, “My favorite time of the day... Us time.. happy valentine’s my Love.”

It’s not the first time Neil made us this kilig. He really has a way with words in telling the world how beautiful and fireworks show of a human Angel is and how their relationship exemplifies a perfect mix of love, kilig, practical and unshowy that brings the best out of each other.

And as we watch their low-key publicized romance unfold, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are inevitably putting their lives in the public eye but just to spread “relationship goals”, good vibes and yes, “kilig”!

Happy Valentines Day, love birds!

Did you just become a #NeilGel fan? Share it with us on the comments below!

Source: Instagram


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