Tuesday, February 26, 2019

HOT TOPIC: The General’s Daughter dominates Twitter last night with multiple trending topics!

Rhian Bonifacio might be a trained assassin but the goodness of her heart makes her act on impulse. Her recklessness in carrying out her mission causes repercussions that she has been tidying up. After taking a shot at Franco to save her soldier boyfriend, Ethan, who first fell down during their short-range combat, Rhian was followed all the way to Barrio Sto. Francisco and was spied on by Franco as ordered by Heneral Tiago. This led to a discovery of a hideout for their illegal transaction with an international notorious criminal at the expense of the lives of the barrio settlers.

Due to Rhian’s disobedience, Tiago didn’t allow her to attend her brother Santi’s birthday party where Corazon was hired to be the food caterer. True to her word, Rhian gatecrashed the party in disguise for Santi and there she overheard her father’s evil plan threatening the lives of Manang Isabelle, Elai and the rest of her friends in Barrio Sto. Francisco. She hustled to the barrio to avert Franco’s abominable crime and she fortunately succeeded, thanks to her heroic instincts and highly-trained combat skills.

Efficient as it may seem but General Marcial just happened to be at the right place and at the right time and found out that Tiago is covering up a truth about Rhian when called her ate while she’s hurrying off to save Manang Isabelle and Elai.

Last night’s episode was totally heart-stopping and netizens clamoured online making The General’s Daughter trend nationwide with multiple related topics! Among the trending topics were “#TGDIdamay,” “Rhian,” “Manang Isabelle,” "Amelia" and “Tiago.”

See featured tweets below!

Don’t miss the next episode tonight after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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Watch the Highlights here:

Franco executes his plan against Santo Francisco | EP 26

Rhian saves Elai and Manang Isabelle from fire | EP 26


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