Saturday, February 2, 2019

Behind the scenes: Angel Locsin accommodates fans’ requests for a photo at TGD taping!

Five years after Angel Locsin took on the role of Monica as The Legal Wife, she is now back as The General’s Daughter alongside industry’s finest actors like Eula Valdes, Janice de Belen, Albert Martinez, Tirso Cruz III, JC de Vera, Paulo Avelino, Ryza Cenon, Arjo Atayde and Ms. Maricel Soriano to name a few. The show is under Dreamscape production headed by Mr. Deo Endrinal and is directed by Direk Manny Palo and Mervyn Brondial.

10 episodes after The General’s Daughter premiered, it already captured the viewers’ heart and got them hooked. The actors, its unconventional plot and fast-paced story telling are what the viewers are raving about the most. Viewers have nothing but good words for The General’s Daughter and praises for the scale of production and the award-winning performance of its actors are continuously pouring.

Just recently, Angel Locsin and other cast of the show taped few scenes somewhere north. Residents were obviously delighted to see them, a netizen who goes by the name “Jhen Togle-Dupitas” on facebook shared few photos with Angel Locsin and expressed her admiration to her beauty through the caption that reads — “Wooooohhhh!!! Speechless! Kagandang nilalang.. #thegeneralsdaughter.”

The netizen also shared a video of Angel Locsin accommodating fans and residents’ requests for a photo. Though it has been a long and tiring day for Angel, she still managed to accommodate the residents’ requests and even engage to small talks with them.

Photos and videos like these are a solid proof that stories on how accommodating and kind Angel Locsin is are not just hearsays. People who experienced it firsthand are generous enough to share their stories.

Have you had the same experience with Angel? We’d love to hear your story! Share on the comments below!

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