Saturday, February 23, 2019

Angels reunite! Angelica Panganiban and Angel Locsin together again!

Two Angels who are valued and loved in the entertainment industry. Two talented ladies who never fail to deliver at any given role or character they portray. Angelica Panganiban and Angel Locsin are two of the most sought after actresses not just in their generation but in the industry per se. They have proved their worth over and over again winning numerous best actress awards from various award giving bodies.

No one would ever forget the roles they portrayed in the movie One More Try. Angel Locsin is Grace who needs to reach out to the father of her child, Edward to seek helf and Angelica Panganiban played the role of Jaq, Edward’s wife. In the movie, Grace and Jaq has had many heated arguments that viewers can’t help but pick a side. That was way back 2012! And if you’re one of those who misses seeing them together, don’t fret because Mang Inasal got us covered. At the recently concluded Mang Inasal National Sales Convention, brand ambassadors gathered together and brought joy to Team Mang Inasal one of which is Angel Locsin. Angelica Panaganiban who was recently added as one of their ambassadors is also present at the event and there, these two Angels had the chance to catch up. Angel Locsin, through an instagram post expressed how she missed her good friend.

Seeing these two lovely ladies in one photo is a sight to behold! Their friendship may not have started in a positive note but what’s important is they are able to work things through and they now have the friendship we all wish to have!

While you are waiting for them to have a reunion project, you can watch their respective shows in Kapamilya network — Angelica Panganiban is Patty in Playhouse weekdays before It’s Showtime and Angel Locsin is 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio in The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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