Sunday, February 10, 2019

Angel Locsin’s sincerity wows her co-actress in The General’s Daughter.

The General’s Daughter is currently on its 4th week and since its pilot episode, it never did disappoint. Each episode showcased all the reasons why it is billed as the grandest teleserye of 2019 which is also evident through its ratings and it’s continuous reign on its timeslot. The brilliant team behind this show works really hard to give the viewers a teleserye worthy of their time.

This show houses the best of the best in the industry headed by Angel Locsin. She is 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio who’s a trained assassin and a spy. To execute her mission, she has to go undercover as part of the military nurse corps where she met Captain Ethan del Fierro. Rhian, as a trained assassin that she is, took advantage of Ethan and made him fall for her to use him execute her mission. Rhian was once introduced to Ethan’s family, his sister Claire played by Loisa Andalio and his mother that’s in coma which is played by Ms. Anne Feo.

Ms. Anne Feo, an entrepreneur, TV commercial model and a character actress has nothing but good words for her co-actors specially for Angel Locsin. First time of doing scenes together and Angel Locsin already wowed her with her genuine kindness and sincerity — “First time kong makasama sa eksena si Angel Locsin. Mahaba yung pagsasama namin sa eksena. Sobrang bait nya, maasikaso” she revealed on one of her interviews. When asked if she was impressed by Angel, — “Super! Hindi lang bilang artista, kundi bilang isang tao pati. Nakita ko kung gaano ka-sincere si Angel Locsin. Doon ako bumilib sa kanya” she answered.

Angel Locsin’s work etiquette is one of the many things her co-actors laud about her. Her sincerity, dedication and passion to her craft always reflects to the roles she portrayed that amassed massive success through the years. At present, we can catch Angel Locsin and watch her exemplary acting prowess in The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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