Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Angel Locsin’s heart-stirring performance in #TGDPagAmin wows netizens!

Angel Locsin’s portrayal as Rhian Bonifacio has a mysterious plot that always commands an interesting story ahead. Her emotions are conveyed in a way that it lodges in your heart and challenges the mind of viewers on what could her next move be and what could possibly happen making the show compulsively watchable. Rhian made it clear not long ago that her head is still in the game to avenge her family against the De Leons when Franco questioned her ambiguous actions. But the Rhian we saw last night showed us the complete opposite. Back to the place where she can break free, the headstrong Rhian poured her hearts out to Manang Isabelle and unmasked everything about her evil roots and ways of living. Manang Isabelle, on the other hand, just listened and tried to see through her with understanding and fair judgment. It’s another pivotal scene deserving of a standing ovation and praises. Viewers applaud Angel for yet another visual spectacle that challenges the norms of usual dramatic portrayals.

“Gabi gabi pagaling ng pagaling si ate girl ANGEL LOCSIN!!!! @143redangel #TGDPagAmin,” Twitter user @GRV1216 said.

“Grabe ka @143redangel. Sa sobrang galing mo, napatweet ako. Yengster ako, pero sobrang love din kita. Sobrang astig mo din e, kagaya ng idol kong si @YengPLUGGEDin. Hihi. Galing. #TheGeneraLsDaughter,” @GingerReyes0727 also tweeted.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @taaaaaariq, said, “Who’s cutting onions? Grabe ‘tong si Angel Locsin! Grabe ka! #TGDPagAmin.”

“The character of Rhian Bonifacio in #TGD is not easy to perform but my ate @143redangel can do it perfectly. Yung bigla biglang iiyak di mo napapasin napapasabay ka na. So she deserve to be a ACTION DRAMA QUEEN #TGDPagAmin,” @edlyn_gomez tweeted.

“Another remarkable scene from two undisputed wonderful actresses..The “you’re not sure iyak-tawa scene” has again broke hearts and spilled tears from our eyes, Angel! @143redangel #TGDPagAmin,” SofiaLoujandra also said.

See more tweets below.

The episode’s official hashtag #TGDPagAmin and “Rhian” trended nationwide with over thirty four thousand tweets!

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Watch the Highlights here:

The General's Daughter: Rhian tells Sabel the truth | EP 22


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