Sunday, February 3, 2019

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce — your Ultimate Couple Travel Goals!

Traveling as a couple can be the ultimate relationship goals! Creating images of life as it happens with your significant other is just a wonderful feeling that you can go back to and reminisce together. Making each other the photographer and favorite subject of your best travel memories, interacting with interesting people from different cultures and walks of life, trying out local delicacies at some place you haven’t been before and engaging in some adventures are proven to fuel the romance because it fends off the boredom of life’s usual routine. It can also be a test of relationship that can bring out the extremes in people and will give you a chance to discover more about each other. You’ll probably argue but it’s fun and will totally get you out of your “couple bubble”. Moreover, it’s a wonderful time for deep discussions and surprises! The new experiences together, whether it’s challenging or just good times, will also trump the old tainted ones.

And just like many couples, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce get some time off from work and busy life to travel as a couple for their mutual desire for fun adventures and also to discover new places and cultures. In fact, Angel and Neil are generous enough to let us peek on their travel activities, how they spend their quality time together and how it strengthens their relationship through their posts on their social media accounts. We all know that the couple is trying to keep their relationship as private as possible and the photos they shared are just proof that they always had a fun time! Shared joy is a double joy indeed as their fans are over the moon in kilig!

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Facebook page recently shared a quick rundown of these kilig photos of the gorgeous destinations Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have travelled to together — New Zealand, Los Angeles, Japan and Sagada, Mountain Province!

New Zealand

Los Angeles

Sagada, Mountain Province



Where do you think they will go to next?

Source: Facebook


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