Friday, February 1, 2019

“Ang pagiging mabuting anak ang syang nagtataas sa’yo” – Teacher Pie to Angel Locsin

Last Wednesday, Angel Locsin guested in Magandang Buhay and had a very interesting discussion about her life story from her childhood to present. The staff of the show came prepared and surprised Angel with a special appearance of her Elementary teacher, Mrs. Pie Manuel. Ms. Pie has revealed few interesting stories about Angel as a student, a swimmer and a daughter to her father.

You probably have heard or read about how filial Angel is as a daughter to her family specially to her father and here’s Ms. Pie proving it further. As per Ms. Pie, she has been a witness as to how Angel is as a daughter and how genuine her love to her Daddy Angel is. Ms. Pie was asked to give a short message to Angel and we quote, “Sa totoo lang po maliit pa lang sya kitang-kita ko na po yung pagmamahal na binibigay nya kay Daddy Angel, totoong totoo po yun, kaya po siguro kung ano man po ang blessings na nakukuha mo ngayon anak kasi naging mabuting anak ka at kapatid. Sa kanya po number 1 ang family, sana ‘wag kang magbago anak. Tandaan mo Angel, ang pagiging mabuting anak ang syang nagtataas sa’yo. We are very proud of you.” Angel Locsin was moved by her teacher’s message and expressed her heartfelt gratitude. Another proof of Angel Locsin’s genuine love to her father is her new acquired paradise that she bought to fulfill his wish.

The way Angel Locsin values her family is one of the many reasons why she’s unconditionally loved by many. She’s not just the best actress there is but also an inspiration to be the best daughter a family could possibly wish for.

Taking part as a filial daughter in her new primetime show “The General’s Daughter," we will get to see what Rhian Bonifacio is capable and willing to do to get her father's approval. Watch "The General's Daughter" weeknights after FPJ's Ang Probinsyano!

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