Monday, February 25, 2019

A lucky fan to Angel Locsin — “I’ll never forget how kind and humble you are.”

“I still can’t stop thinking of you.. napakabait mo po sobra.. you’re so pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nayakap Kita sa wakas,” a fan who goes by the Instagram handle @victorille102117 exclaimed. Stunned in Angel Locsin’s presense, the lucky fan didn’t waste her opportunity to hug the actress and took a selfie as a remembrance of this precious moment. She took to Instagram their photo together and on the caption she wrote:

“I’ll never forget how kind and humble you are.”

It’s a priceless reaction that many can relate to. You will completely lose your chill in the presence of whom we call a real Angel on Earth. Many get totally starstruck by meeting Angel Locsin and most encounters are adorable and touching and will definitely restore your faith in the rich and famous.

We can say that Angel Locsin is an epitome of someone who has a pure soul and an impeccable character despite her financial status and fame. She is known to have a beauty that runs deep her skin because of her humble lifestyle, generosity and charitable works on and off cam. She also gives us so much through her craft and no wonder why her fans give just as much back. Because of her passion, realness and big heart, people see her as idealized versions of someone they respect and admire. You can read, see and hear good stories about Angel anywhere and that’s enough reason to understand why the society is putting her on a pedestal as someone really inspirational.

You are worthy of all our love and support, Angel!

Have you had an encounter with Angel? Share it with us on the comments! We’d love to hear your stories!

Source: Instagram


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