Tuesday, February 26, 2019

HOT TOPIC: The General’s Daughter dominates Twitter last night with multiple trending topics!

Rhian Bonifacio might be a trained assassin but the goodness of her heart makes her act on impulse. Her recklessness in carrying out her mission causes repercussions that she has been tidying up. After taking a shot at Franco to save her soldier boyfriend, Ethan, who first fell down during their short-range combat, Rhian was followed all the way to Barrio Sto. Francisco and was spied on by Franco as ordered by Heneral Tiago. This led to a discovery of a hideout for their illegal transaction with an international notorious criminal at the expense of the lives of the barrio settlers.

Due to Rhian’s disobedience, Tiago didn’t allow her to attend her brother Santi’s birthday party where Corazon was hired to be the food caterer. True to her word, Rhian gatecrashed the party in disguise for Santi and there she overheard her father’s evil plan threatening the lives of Manang Isabelle, Elai and the rest of her friends in Barrio Sto. Francisco. She hustled to the barrio to avert Franco’s abominable crime and she fortunately succeeded, thanks to her heroic instincts and highly-trained combat skills.

Efficient as it may seem but General Marcial just happened to be at the right place and at the right time and found out that Tiago is covering up a truth about Rhian when called her ate while she’s hurrying off to save Manang Isabelle and Elai.

Last night’s episode was totally heart-stopping and netizens clamoured online making The General’s Daughter trend nationwide with multiple related topics! Among the trending topics were “#TGDIdamay,” “Rhian,” “Manang Isabelle,” "Amelia" and “Tiago.”

See featured tweets below!

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Watch the Highlights here:

Franco executes his plan against Santo Francisco | EP 26

Rhian saves Elai and Manang Isabelle from fire | EP 26

Monday, February 25, 2019

A lucky fan to Angel Locsin — “I’ll never forget how kind and humble you are.”

“I still can’t stop thinking of you.. napakabait mo po sobra.. you’re so pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nayakap Kita sa wakas,” a fan who goes by the Instagram handle @victorille102117 exclaimed. Stunned in Angel Locsin’s presense, the lucky fan didn’t waste her opportunity to hug the actress and took a selfie as a remembrance of this precious moment. She took to Instagram their photo together and on the caption she wrote:

“I’ll never forget how kind and humble you are.”

It’s a priceless reaction that many can relate to. You will completely lose your chill in the presence of whom we call a real Angel on Earth. Many get totally starstruck by meeting Angel Locsin and most encounters are adorable and touching and will definitely restore your faith in the rich and famous.

We can say that Angel Locsin is an epitome of someone who has a pure soul and an impeccable character despite her financial status and fame. She is known to have a beauty that runs deep her skin because of her humble lifestyle, generosity and charitable works on and off cam. She also gives us so much through her craft and no wonder why her fans give just as much back. Because of her passion, realness and big heart, people see her as idealized versions of someone they respect and admire. You can read, see and hear good stories about Angel anywhere and that’s enough reason to understand why the society is putting her on a pedestal as someone really inspirational.

You are worthy of all our love and support, Angel!

Have you had an encounter with Angel? Share it with us on the comments! We’d love to hear your stories!

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

IN PHOTOS: Maricel Soriano Birthday Celebration with her The General’s Daughter Family!

Following a recent article about the sweet little surprise for The Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano’s 54th birthday thrown by Angel Locsin and the cast and crew of their hit tv series, The General’s Daughter, another birthday celebration was held yesterday which was also attended by the TGD stars and staff. The actress, Tessa Antonio, who is also part of the show, took to Instagram, photos from this heartwarming event with the caption that reads:

“Happy Happy Birthday, my Manang Isabelle! Thank you sa kabaitan mo sa akin. Salamat sa mga anik anik na binibigay mo at sa pagpunta sa tent namin para gisingin ako kasi nabobore ka sa tent mo. Haha. Labyu po! Ansaya ng pabertday mo. Woohoo!!! Islanders know how to partey partey!!! #maricelsoriano #thegeneralsdaughter #abscbn #PrimetimeBida.”

Far from the Taray Queen as the local entertainment industry dubbed her, this is a testimonial that Ms. Maricel Soriano is someone who is really nice and generous to everyone she’s working with that younger generations of artists should all look up to. Despite her ICON status, everyone around her is a living proof how warm the Diamond Star treat her friends and colleagues including Angel Locsin who constantly shared during interviews how giving and professional Maria is every time.

Also spotted on the birthday bash were their director, Manny Palo, Dreamscape’s AdProm Head Biboy Arboleda, ABS-CB Executive Ms. Cory Vidanes and Angel Locsin’s boyfriend, Neil Arce.

Happy Birthday, Manang Isabelle!

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LOOK: Angel Locsin and The General’s Daughter’s Birthday Bash for Ms. Maricel Soriano!

The Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano is celebrating her 54th birthday today, February 25.

The cast and crew of The General’s Daughter led by the teleserye’s main star, Angel Locsin, threw a sweet birthday bash during their taping last Saturday and the Diamond Star looked really surprised and overwhelmed as seen on the videos uploaded by Angel on her Instagram story.

A netizen who goes by the Instagram handle @emem_minah re-uploaded the videos where the TGD team hilariously sang the Happy Birthday Song to the tune of Ave Maria in relation to Maricel Soriano’s nickname, “Maria.” Maricel, who plays the role of loving Manang Isabelle in the top rating teleserye, couldn’t help but laugh at how the whole production sang in chorus and also feel touched for the little surprise.

Also seen in the video were Arjo Atayde who portrays Manang Isabelle’s son, Elai and the tv series’ director Manny Palo, the one who’s holding the birthday cake.

“Philippine Entertainment may have baptized her as Taray Queen but Angel and the rest of the TGD staff and crew can justify that Maricel’s real nature is far from her monicker. Angel describes Maricel, whom she fondly calls as ‘Nay, as a nice and generous woman who openly shares the life secrets and techniques she has picked up along her journey.” — ABS-CBN Entertainment.

Happy Birthday, Manang Isabelle!

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