Sunday, January 20, 2019

“Yung mga queen, yung mga titles... feeling ko kasi hindi ko deserve.” - Angel Locsin

Anyone can be a celebrity but only few can be a pillar of the industry a lot of hopefuls are dreaming to be part of. Any celebrities can offer to the table their artistry, perform and work really hard to get their breakthrough project but only few can do so well and make masterpieces that will constantly set the standard and be in line with the finest and icons of this industry everyone is looking up to and will give up anything for. But what can really set a celebrity apart from ordinary and from all other celebrities who’s equally top-graded?

With that being said, Angel Locsin is one of the top-flight celebrity artists that comes to mind. Needless to say, her impeccable portfolio of achievements as an actress made her an ICON and role model that sets her apart from many. She is someone who has always lived from the heart. Her passion and love for her craft, individuality, gusto and unparalleled calibre in art are what unwaveringly capture the people’s heart. She is now bound to make another history as The General’s Daughter that is soon to set foot and conquer Primetime!

With a remarkable portfolio of roles Angel Locsin has portrayed and various and unparalleled achievements she has achieved, the actress remains humble and generous. In fact, she is dubbed as an unsung hero and a real Angel on earth for all the selfless acts and kindness she’s doing incognito. In fact, when asked why she doesn’t have a title yet during the solo press conference for her upcoming teleserye, the actress humbly said, “Yung mga queen, yung mga titles, wala akong title hanggang ngayon. Parang itong plug... naiilang ako sa 'She is back' tapos Angel Locsin. Parang one week yata bago ko siya nai-repost... feeling ko kasi hindi ko deserve.”

She also shared that she’s driven to get back up because of the people who support and believe in her.

"Humugot ako ng lakas sa bawat tao na nagpakita sa akin ng malasakit. Kahit ayaw mo na, na hindi ka naniniwala sa sarili mo, pero may mga tao na naniniwala na kaya mo, na nandyan nakasuporta lang sa iyo, talagang mabubuhayan ka ng loob eh," she said. Angel also added, “Yung mga iniidolo ko na artista noong nagsisimula pa lang ako noong hindi pa ako artista, hindi ko naman akalain na sabay-sabay sa isang show pagsama-samahin at makakatrabaho ko sila, makikita ko sila, makakasama ko sila sa set everyday. Iba yung shock!"

It really takes an impeccable character to prevent money and fame from corrupting a pure soul.

Source: ABS-CBN


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