Sunday, January 27, 2019

What’s in her bag? Angel Locsin’s bag raid!

Ever wondered what’s inside the Action Drama Queen’s bag? Well, and Darla got us covered. For the second time around, Darla with her team visited Angel Locsin’s dressing room and gave us a tour into what’s inside her bag. It was a two-part special feature looking into what’s in her bag and what’s in her luggage that she usually brings during taping or if there’s a TV guesting.

What’s in her bag? Angel Locsin keeps everything neat and simple, using her personally designed bag in collaboration with Avon, all she has inside are personal stuff, toiletries and other necessary things she’s using daily. In her bag is her checkbook, powerbank, pouch, and her wallet that contains cash, important cards like her ABS-CBN Identification card, Diver’s license, ATM card, grocery membership card, and her permit to carry cards. Enclosed in her pouch are some of her toiletries and personal stuff like her Avon lipstick, medicine kit, Avon Imari perfume, Alcohol, essential oil, and her survival/self-defense kit. In her first bag raid, she also showed her self-defense kit to Darla which is a multi-fuction card that includes, knife, toothpick, and flashlight to name a few. This time, what she has in her bag is a titanium whistle and a knife. She really makes sure to come prepared in case of emergency!

What’s in her luggage? Now that she has many special TV guestings, aside from her bag, she usually brings a luggage that contains everything that she needs like her underwears and her shoes. Inside the luggage are different kinds of shoes her stylist required her to bring for her TV guesting. She also keeps her script for her now ongoing primetime show The General’s daughter in the same luggage neat and organized.

Aside from the bag and luggage raid, Darla was able to squeeze in a short interview about Angel Locsin’s teleserye The General’s Daughter which airs weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the full bag and luggage raid here:


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