Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Watch: Two Queens in one TV Commercial

Every woman shines when she feels comfortable and ready to face each day without worrying how she looks. And this is why the No. 1 makeup brand in the country Avon Philippines wants to empowered women with their products that provides beauty without any compromise. So they come up with Avon True perfectly matte lipstick which is now in 20 gorgeous shades. This product is 100% matte and have lasting comforts that every woman deserves to have. The company believes that feeling and looking beautiful is a must for every woman.

Just like Avon, who is consistent with their advocacy focusing on women. Gorgeous Avon Queens Marian Rivera-Dantes and our very own Ms. Angel Locsin are also consistent in empowering women like them. Though a lot of people are trying to compare and make them as rivals since they're working on a rival network, Marian and Angel remains to be good friends on and off cam. While others are thinking that they are competing with each other these two Queens are actually working on together to provide the best projects for their fans. Well, in fact we have seen them team up before on a magazine cover. Some photos also went viral before, seeing them having fun in a salon visit wherein Marian even played with Angel's bichon frise dog. As an Avon Ambassador, these two beautiful celebrities never stop to be a great influence to women out there.

That's why it's nice to see when Avon put them on their first TV commercial together back in 2017. In the TVC, Marian and Angel have seen showing off their biggest smile as if telling everyone how good they are together. The TVC focuses on how women can be beautiful in the simplest possible way. We can see Angel telling Marian that she can be beautiful without any compromise for example in choosing the perfect lipstick for her. Then, Marian agreed that Avon True Perfectly Matte is the perfect lipstick for them. The video of that TVC was uploaded by Avon Philippines and as of now has 701k views.

In that Avon TV commercial both Marian and Angel looked gorgeous and stunning. The TVC shows how beautiful they are as well as their relationship on and off cam.  Did you miss seeing them together? Watch the video again and tell us your thoughts about them in the comment box below.

Source: YouTube


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