Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Watch: The most Beautiful and Iconic Underwater Scene of Angel Locsin from her Fantaserye Majika!

While we are still waiting for Ms. Angel Locsin's much anticipated comeback on primetime for her upcoming tv series The General's Daughter let's take a look back in her previous tv series which also loved by everyone.

Are you wondering why Angel Locsin was tagged as the queen of action fantasy drama series? Well, through the years of her career, Angel Locsin top-billed the most popular fantasy series in different networks. When she was still starting as an actress in the GMA Network, Angel Locsin starred in Mulawin, Asian Treasures, and Majika, which were all successful. Once she moved to the Kapamilya network, she landed on a big project known as “Lobo” which was also a success, giving birth to two more sequels.

Before she was known as Lia and Lyka, Angel Locsin was popular for her role as Alwina and Sabina. Apparently, Angel Locsin played the role of Alwina in the top-rating series ‘Mulawin’ wherein she was first paired with Richard Gutierrez. Apart from Alwina, she also starred in Majika wherein she played the role of Sabina who lives in the world of mortals without knowing that she's actually destined to become Saladin's most powerful female Salamangka.

It was in 2006 when Majika was released by the GMA Network. The series is not only about magic and all the good stuff but also about the lessons that you could learn from any obstacle that would come your way.

And if you probably missed Angel in a fantaserye like Majika we have here a throwback footage that was considered as one of the most iconic scene in the said fantaserye.

An instagram user @therealangellocsin2014 posted a throwback video of Angel Locsin's iconic underwater scene wherein she seems looking for a necklace and when she found it she was delighted and we can see her genuine smile. She looks very happy and enjoying the beauty under the sea. The video was posted with the caption, " #FBF A memorable scene from Majika. #AngelLocsin #Majika" As of this writing the video garnered 187 likes.

Majika was topbilled by Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo and is one of the most loved fantaserye of all time that truly blew away people's mind and imagination.

Have you watch Majika before? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Source: Instagram


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