Sunday, January 20, 2019


Angel Locsin is undeniably one of the topnotch actresses in the country. Considering all her unparalleled achievements, good reputation and tenure in showbiz, she is indeed one of the biggest names in the industry well-deserved to be called an ICON. An Angel both in name and in actions, she is a personification of inner beauty for her unflashy philanthropic efforts which make her even more indecipherably beautiful!

She rose to stardom in Mulawin where she played her first iconic role of a half human-half bird super-heroine, Alwina, and her ICON status was solidified when she donned the trademark red and gold costume of the Mars Ravelo’s comic book heroine, Darna in 2005, who made history that even up to this day remains unrivalled. Her perfect mix of impeccable high caliber drama, fantasy and action-packed filmography as the television characters Sabina, Gabriela Agoncillo, Lyka Raymundo-Ortega, Jillian Mendoza, Lia Ortega-Rodriguez, Monica Santiago-de Villa and Jacintha Magsaysay among others and her remarkable portfolio of achievements in the big screen put Angel on a pedestal.

A day before her much-awaited comeback on primetime as Rhian Bonifacio in “The General’s Daughter”, PUSH Entertainment uploaded a Youtube video of her evolution as the multi-awarded, versatile and the most ICONIC actress of her generation. It features clips of her portrayals both in television and in films that will surely take you on a trip down memory lane. The video also reveals where the actress attended primary and high school. It also highlights her advocacy as a champion of women empowerment and the local and international accolades she received in her acting career. The video now has 2.9K views as of this writing.

She is indeed more than what meets the eye. Now, Angel is set to make her grand comeback in teleserye in the 2019 all-star cast and big-budgeted Kapamilya opening salvo, The General’s Daughter!

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