Saturday, January 19, 2019

WATCH: Angel Locsin, pinagkaguluhan sa ASAP backstage pero all smile and humble pa rin!

Being a celebrity is not that different to other people. Their craft is their job and they get paid like all other people who have jobs. It may be glittery and glamorous on the outside, but they are just normal people who have ups and downs and don’t really have everything in life just as it is commonly perceived. They may have larger fortune but it’s not always associated with a luxurious life and overbearing character. Having money and fame doesn’t always change you, like Angel Locsin, for instance.

She’s been noted for not just as a multi-awarded actress par excellence but also because of her humility and heart of gold! She is a household name with unsurpassed successes yet still has both her feet on the ground. Very often she can be seen almost everywhere making the right noises but still manages to separate her fame from her everyday routine. She prefers simple yet comfortable outfits and a lifestyle very distant from the lavish her popularity brings to her table. It really takes an impeccable character to prevent money and fame from corrupting a pure soul.

Having said this, it’s absolutely laudable that despite always being in the public eye and not being able to things that an average person can do because she might get mobbed and hounded for autographs and pictures, Angel remains humble and generous enough to reach out to her fans and spend some time with them. Never she’s seen exasperated, in fact, she’s always all smiles around her fans like a ray of sunshine.

Just like this video uploaded by Instagram handle @teamangel_charm where Angel Locsin was spotted interacting and shaking hands with her fans backstage of ASAP Natin ‘to last Sunday. The post already earned 1,775 views as of this writing. The caption went: “Today’s event Ms. Angel Locsin #TheGeneralsDaughter is live in @asapofficial today” #AngelLocsin #TheGeneralsDaughter”

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Source: Instagram


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