Wednesday, January 2, 2019

WATCH: Angel Locsin did the Dame Tu Cosita Dance Challenge!

According to Billboard blogspot, 2018 has unofficially become the year of Dance Challenge. A lot of choreography have become viral and had the internet buzzing through its wildfire-like spread on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Celebrities and dance challenge lovers perfect recipe to make rounds online is the fun jig to any popular dance challenge that pops up almost weekly.

One of these online dance crazes is Dame Tu Cosita which was originally recorded in the 90s and was extended and released as a single this year. A Dailymotion user uploaded an animation of green alien dancing to a remix of Dame Tu Cosita which made a great number of individuals and groups performed the alien moves on various apps and videos that skyrocketed its popularity.

Angel Locsin is no exception to be looped in to this online craze as her dance video on ASAP ‘09 was re-uploaded on Instagram to the tune of the popular dance hit, Dame Tu Cosita. The video was a dance performance of Angel on March 8, 2009 that set ASAP stage on fire and the dance song was originally the pop hit, Bottle Pop by Pussycat dolls. Angel was unarguably sizzling hot and the way the choreography was beating the rhythm of Dame Tu Cosita made everyone believed for a second that it was for real! Nevertheless, it was fun seeing Angel doing the challenge. Edited or not, Angel totally pulled it off! The video was posted by Instagram user @solidangellocsin and already garnered 13,954 views!

What can you say about Angel’s Dame Tu Cosita Dance Challenge? Tell us what you think by commenting below!

Watch the video here: Instagram


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