Wednesday, January 30, 2019

‪TRENDING: Netizens rave about Rhian Bonifacio’s “breakdown scene” in #TGDHanapin episode!‬

Have you recovered from last night’s episode yet? The General’s Daughter star, Angel Locsin, created a Twitterstorm yet again for her outstanding performance in the last gap’s scene with The Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and it can only be described as perfectly executed drama at its highest expression of craft. Best known not only for her unsurpassed calibre in action, we witnessed THE Angel Locsin who is also notable for her emotional subtlety that is thought-provoking and multilayered.

Standout. Classic. Meritorious.

It probably is one of the most heart-stirring and ground-breaking if not the best in the series’ week-long run and quickly wins the netizens who can’t help but applaud Angel and the whole cast.

“The plot keeps on getting interesting. 'The General's Daugther' is not your typical drama, ang intense! You are truly award-winning @143redangel #TGDHanapin,” shared @pjggulmayo.

“Angel Locsin killed it!  Grabe that breakdown scene #TGDHanapin,” tweeted @LoiRialubin.

Twitter user @TheAzdelMundo, meanwhile, said, “That breakdown scene of @143redangel grabe ang galing! In a matter of seconds daming emosyon ang naramdaman ko. Walang dialogue, mata lang! #TGDHanapin.”

“Iove how beautifully-written Rhian is: complex, rich, the moral strains keep it more grounded and relatable, and at the same time...mystifying! One of the most interesting characters to ever grace PH TV! And Angel Locsin does one hell of a job pulling it off! #TGDHanapin,” @ImNotthatScary commented.

“Si Rhian, all her life, she dedicated it to make Tiago proud of her kahit na mali yung pinapagawa sa kanya. It is probably why she went back to Manang Isabelle kasi dun nya nasaksihan ang kabutihang loob ng ibang tao. And she wanted to remind herself that. #TGDHanapin,” @sorandomchelle also said.

“Grabe yung luha ni @143redangel! Less than 30 seconds then walang linya pero ang daming ibig sabihin. Salute! Ito dapat yung mga napapanood gabi gabi para sulit bayad sa kuryente saka puyat na rin.#TGDHanapin,” said @soarboar.

Just like how Angel always tells everyone, this series would not be extravaganza if it weren’t for the other casts who are equally spectacular.

Twitter user @imalexisrivera commended all the actors and said, “The actors are convincing! Mula kay Angel Locsin hanggang sa lahat ng cast! I even left my phone turned off which I rarely do unless I’m really into the show. Clap clap! #TGDHanapin.”

You can catch up on the previous episodes of The General’s Daughter via iWant TV app downloadable for free!

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At January 30, 2019 at 8:26 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Wow ang galing m ms. Angel

At January 30, 2019 at 9:16 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

SUPER! 🙌🏻 At one point in time ng buhay ko, umiyak na rin ako ng ganito. Sobrang relatable!


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