Monday, January 21, 2019

This cute video of Angel Locsin doing the “boomerang” will certainly make you smile!

They say “The little things, the little moments.. They are not little.” True enough. Enjoying the small things can improve your life in a big way. We naturally feel excited during life’s big events but more often than not, it is the seemingly small everyday moments that truly made us smile and genuinely happy.

And just as each day has its joys, each day also has its struggles. When our lives are missing positivity and gratitude for the small things, these struggles can hit us harder. A positive and thankful mindset, however, will build up our resilience for when we are faced with the daily disappointments.

This video for example that was posted by @thereal_angelica_locsin on her Instagram account. It shows a glimpse of how simple and normal Angel Locsin is backstage. On the video, Angel, being glammed up by her makeup artist and flipping her hair for a “boomerang” video FX. She looks really chic and fab in her black blouse. Her straight loose hair and light make-up exudes glamour and emphasizes simplicity which everyone loves about her. What makes the video really cute and special that keeps us from pressing the replay button over and over again would be her smile that looks really genuine. Isn’t she a sunshine?

‪If this can’t make you smile, nothing else will!‬ Only fans would really get this! But seriously, just as how Instagram user @thereal_angelica_locsin appreciates this short video clip of Angel doing the “boomerang” and how it made her smile, this will certainly wipe that frown off your faces!

The video already garnered 1,749 views! What can you say about this cute video? Cuteness overload, yes? Share us your thoughts below!

Source: Instagram


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