Friday, January 11, 2019

The General’s Daughter: Meet Arjo Atayde as Elias and Ms. Maricel Soriano as Nanang Isabelle!

She’s a lost soul longing for love, Angel Locsin is Rhian Bonifacio in her upcoming teleserye The General’s Daughter!

Everyone is talking about it. After its full trailer was released at the Kapamilya Christmas trade event November last year, it has been all over the news and a trending topic all over social media. Its full trailer garnered millions of views and earned positive reviews and feedbacks from the viewers. What excites the viewers even more is the powerhouse cast that was put together in one grand teleserye. It houses the best of the best actors in the industry from various generations.

Angel Locsin is set to take on a new role as a nurse corps in her upcoming show, The General’s Daughter. Rhian Bonifacio is a lost soul longing for love. She will be trained and will be used for revenge and while on the process of doing her mission, as seen on the trailer, she will be shot underwater and will end up in a foreign place. There she will meet Nanang Isabelle and Elias, portrayed by the diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano and Arjo Atayde respectively. Viewers were intrigued on how Nanang Isabelle and Elias will affect Rhian’s views and decisions in life while the latter is still finding herself.

Aside from Angel Locsin’s much anticipated comeback, it is also Ms. Maricel Soriano’s teleserye comeback. We can definitely expect nothing but moving scenes from these two great actresses who’s always on top of their game. Just by watching their scenes together that was featured in the released trailer, you can definitely tell that they have a great rapport that will give us nothing but heart wrenching scenes and will make us shed a tear or two every night!

We are only counting days, 9 days to be exact. Don’t miss the pilot episode of The General’s Daughter on January 21, 2019 in Primetime Bida.

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