Monday, January 28, 2019

The General’s Daughter earns majority of viewership and maintains a huge gap from its rival ln its pilot week!

The General’s Daughter is Angel Locsin’s fifth teleserye as a Kapamilya. After not doing a full length teleserye for five years due to uncontrollable and unforeseen reasons, she is now back into doing action scenes. Her followers are beyond excited to see her back into her usual fight form after her back injury. After taking on role as Monica Santiago-de Villa and doing a short stint in La Luna Sangre as Lia and the lady in red Jacintha, she is now back as The General’s Daughter which premiered last January 21, 2019.

Angel Locsin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a project she partakes whether it be a movie, an MMK episode or a teleserye. Each of the characters she portrayed became an icon and left a lasting impression for years and The General’s Daughter is surely no exemption. Playing the role as Rhian Bonifacio who is a trained assassin and what we can consider as a spy working as part of the nurse corps easily made her way to the viewer’s heart. Its pilot episode earned mammoth ratings compared to its rival show. The second episode did even greater that it earned higher viewership. The third episode however gained a lower viewership compared to previous episode but maintains its lead over its rival show. Its fourth and fifth day was no different from previous episodes as it maintains a huge gap from its rival show. Overall, we can say the show’s pilot week amassed a huge success winning over its rival but its greatest achievement for the entire week is winning the viewer’s heart through their unconventional plot, the acting prowess of its cast and the way the story unfolds which is non-linear to what Filipino viewers are used to.

The General’s Daughter has so much to offer, the story has just started. Never miss an episode and watch The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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