Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The General’s Daughter dominates social media! Trending topic nationwide and worldwide!

It has been the talks of the many since its teaser trailer was released at the Kapamilya Christmas trade event. It’s teaser trailer has earned millions of views in various social media platforms. Angel Locsin’s primetime bida comeback became viral that it even reached a global news portal because of the undeniable clamour from the viewers and last night, the time has come!

Angel Locsin’s much-anticipated primetime bida comeback has transpired last night through The General’s Daughter. Using the show’s official hashtag #TGDReportingForDuty, netizens expressed their reactions to the show’s pilot episode. Almost everyone are tuned in, as a matter of fact, the official hashtag has gained more than 100K tweets and landed on top spot of the trending topic nationwide! As it was aired simultaneously in The Filipino Channel, it also trended at fifth spot worldwide!

Not only that the official hashtag trended, few related topics have trended effortlessly. “Angel Locsin”, “Action Drama Queen” and “Darna” trended simultaneously after Angel’s action scene on the first gap of the show. After all these years, Angel Locsin is still being associated with Darna because of her amazing fight form fitting for a superhero. Viewers were mesmerized with Arjo Atayde’s portrayal as Elai and made him one of the trending topics related to the show. Ofcourse, Ms. Maricel Soriano’s portrayal as Manang Isabelle didn’t escape viewer’s keen eye that secured her another spot on the trend’s list.

The General’s Daughter’s pilot episode took the social media by storm! Aside from all the names listed above, few more related topics landed on Philippines trends list which includes “Rhian”, “#TheGeneralsDaughter”, “Dyosa”, “Manang Isabelle”, “West Philippine Sea”, “Elai”, “Rhian Bonifacio” and “The General’s Daughter”.

The story has just started! Watch out for more explosive scenes The General’s Daughter has to offer weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Source: Instagram, Twitter (Screenshots)


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