Thursday, January 24, 2019

#TGDPaglalapit: The truth lies in you.

The General’s Daughter has set the online world ablaze since Monday, January 21, 2019 when it premiered. Viewers did not expect how the story unfolds. Its non-linear way of storytelling draws interest to the viewing public that it gained majority of the viewership compared to its rival show for three days straight.

Last night, Rhian Bonifacio finally regained her memory. Looking back to its pilot episode, Rhian lost her memory when shot underwater after her encounter with chinese coastguards and end up in a foreign place where she met Nanang Isabelle and Elai. Captain Ethan was able to find her and brought her back to the camp. Franco on the other hand, was able to bring Rhian to Heneral Tiago and that familiar environment helped her recover her memory. Last night, we were introduced to de Leon family. Fresh from their vacation in the US, Rhian met Jessie de Leon and General Marcial de Leon. Once Rhian sets her eyes on Gen. Marcial, thoughts of her plotted revenge comes flashing to her head. Tonight, The General’s Daughter has a promise of another intense and mind blowing scenes. Based on the teaser, tonight’s episode will still reveal Rhian’s identity. The truth behind her character that sends us confusion as the story progress. As the teaser would say “Ang katotohanan, pwedeng maging kasinungalingan depende na lang sa gusto mong paniwalaan.”

Billed as the biggest teleserye of 2019, The General’s Daughter will continue to pit us at the edge of our seats with the intense and thrilling scenes backed up by the over the top acting prowess of the stellar cast.

Don’t forget to tune in to The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the full teaser here: YouTube


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