Wednesday, January 30, 2019

#TGDNaisahan wows viewers, tops the list of Twitter trending topics!

Plot twists and intriguing narratives thrive on “The General’s Daughter week-long run, focusing on the deadlock between the two sparring generals, General Marcial and Heneral Tiago and their collateral damages. Their long-running feud continues to rivetingly depicts the life of Angel Locsin’s well portrayed character, Rhian Bonifacio, whose heart is starting to remember her true identity as she gets near the De Leons, her real family she’s sworn to destroy.

Last night’s episode was a hit among viewers and once again dominated the list of trending topics, earning thousands of tweets from netizens.

The avid fans of the series were indelibly marked and moved by the strong but untold blood ties between Corazon (Eula Valdez) and Rhian (Angel) as fate made their paths cross. Many appreciates how the show lifts up family angle in every episode despite its complexities and contradictions.

“The bond between Rhian and Corazon is strong and heartfelt. #TGDNaisahan,” Twitter user @DoYourBestNY88 said.

“Ang gaan gaan sa loob kapag sina Rhian at Corazon ang magkasama, kumakalma yung puso ko, ramdam na ramdam yung koneksyon nila kahit simple lang naman ang eksena, ang huhusay @143redangel @iamEulaValdez @DreamscapePH @ericjohnsalut @teamangelph

Angel Locsin #TGDNaisahan,” another Twitter user @mygel_teamangel related.

“Very believable when Rhian shows duplexity! From good to bad, bad to good in a snap. Sobrang bagay talaga kay Angel Locsin ang morally-gray characters. Take notes from her, newbs! #TGDNaisahan,” @__geeyuh tweeted.

While the protagonists always are the most talked about, its not the case for this action drama series which maintains a great balance of unpredictability and perfect pacing.

“Ang husay din talaga ni @iamryzacenon nakakabadtrip yung role nya..haha! ang talas tumingin eh tagos. #TGDNaisahan,”said @Stalkerka18

“Tirso Cruz III IS FLAWLESS as Heneral Tiago. He is creepy because he plays on to his people’s good side. He is absolutely a kind boss but in his bigger picture, everyone is just a pawn. Tirso plays him with humor, panache, bravado, and raging emotion. #TGDNaisahan,” raved the Twitter user @AltheyuhMoves.

The episode concluded with four trending topics such as #TGDNaisahan, “Rhian,” “Jessie,” and “tiago.”

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Watch Highlights here:

Corazon opens up about her child to Rhian!

Rhian informs Tiago about the raid!


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