Monday, January 28, 2019

#TGDNaisahan: Rhian Bonifacio’s mission continues.

It has been a very exciting 6 day run for The General’s Daughter so far. Every episode leads to the unveiling of Rhian Bonifacio’s real identity and her mission. Being a trained assassin, Rhian Bonifacio is assigned to make revenge against General Marcial de Leon. She will do anything just to please her father Heneral Tiago never did she know that he is not her biological father. While she’s in the process of executing her mission, and plotting her revenge, she will get to know the de Leon’s deeply and she may or may not develop a close relationship that will hinder her to execute the mission that was tasked to her.

Last night, The General’s Daughter has offered another intense episode. Intense in a way that they had us glued in our TV screens because of the raging emotions that comes down to our spine because of the emotional scenes that involves Rhian Bonifacio. They made the viewers as confused as Rhian when it comes to the right emotions that they should feel. We saw Rhian’s soft and vulnerable side, a daughter who’s longing for a mother’s love with which Amelia, her known mother, failed to give her. She’s always on the verge of crying when the topic was diverted about a mother’s love. Seeing General Marcial and Corazon de Leon be cozy together made her a bit emotional which is very evident through her eyes. On the other hand, she met up with Heneral Tiago because of some concerns. Franco assumes that Rhian already fell in love with Ethan that was immediately brought to Heneral Tiago’s attention. One of what we can say the highlights of the episode is an emotional scene when Rhian went to Amelia’s room and burst into tears almost breaking down apologizing for her brother’s misfortune.

Tonight, as the story progresses, Rhian’s mission tasked by Heneral Tiago is getting more complicated. She’s continuously spying on the de Leon’s and at the military camp keeping a keen eye on every move against Heneral Tiago. Will Rhian finally succeed in executing her mission? Or will her heart take over and will stop her in executing her revenge and let love prevail?

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