Thursday, January 24, 2019

#TGDEngkwentro: TAPATAN at TENSYON sa weekender episode ng The General’s Daughter

The General’s Daughter is unstoppable! Unarguably a fitting comeback material for the Queen of Action Drama, Angel Locsin, who plays the role of its titular character —2nd Lieutenant Rhian Bonifacio, this tv series is the newest primetime champ to beat.

This “biggest teleserye of 2019” instantly hooked viewers since its strong debut on Monday consistently scoring with double-digit lead On National TV ratings and unbeatably dominating Twitter trends nationwide and worldwide every weeknights!

After kicking off with a daring rescue operation by Angel’s Rhian infiltrating a foreign vessel and introducing locals Nanang Isabelle (Maricel Soriano) and Elai (Arjo Ataydo) who gave her refuge after being washed up onshore at Barrio Sto. Franciso unconcious and wounded, it tells a well-written narrative about Rhian’s temporary memory loss and how she navigates through the conflicted double-life she’s almost forgotten. Rhian has been found by the military led by her boyfriend, Capt. Ethan Del Fierro and was brought back to the camp for questioning about the ship infiltration. Rhian’s stay at the military camp where she was embedded and vindictively used against her own father, General Marcial (Albert Martinez), helped her remember and paved her way back to Heneral Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) as she was abducted by a criminal confidante, Franco Sigesmundo (Paulo Avelino). Rhian will be brought back to her senses and remember the father who raised her to believe that the biggest enemy are the De Leons (her own family).

Last night’s episode beautifully narrated how the feud between two families — De Leons and Guerreros, started introducing each riveting characters in a non-stereotypical and non-formulated storytelling where teleseryes mostly start from cradle stage of the lead characters.

Expect more exhilarating and jump-scare scenes from the two feuding families on the next episode! General Marcial De Leon and Heneral Tiago Guerrero’s face-off will totally leave you breathless plus the heart-stopping chasing scenes of Capt. Ethan Del Fierro, Franco Segismundo and Rhian Bonifacio, tonight after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the teaser of the weekender episode here:


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