Monday, January 28, 2019

#TGDEngkwentro: The General’s Daughter TRENDING scenes!

We are on to another week of action-packed sequences and heavy-weight drama brought to us by ABS-CBN’s newest offering on primetime, “The General’s Daughter” and we couldn’t be any excited! Billed as the “biggest teleserye of 2019,” Dreamscape TV Entertainment Production didn’t disappoint in giving us a top-flight tv series matching its roster of big stars led by the Action-Drama Queen, Ms. Angel Locsin!

Much deserving of all the hype and anticipation, there is no hint of a doubt why it dominates its time slot in terms of national TV ratings and always top trending with multiple related topics on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Since it debuted on January 21, we witnessed a fresh and excellently-paced narrative embellished by superlative portrayals and top-of-the-line technical scale of production. It’s never a snoozer as its story delivers a stream of multi-faceted conflicts and complexities and fluid action thriller enough for viewers to stick around and crave for the next episodes.

Its weekender episode supplied a straight shot of what we all expected from this series and ABS-CBN uploaded a video of the trending scenes from this episode highlighting the reactions of the netizens during its telecast.

“The General’s Daughter really is a perfect project for @143redangel’s comeback. The first five episodes already highlighted her strong screen presence, her versatility and the great rapport between her and her co-actors!” Twitter user @friendyy1213 said.

“A very well-paced, well-acted, well-directed and well-told, The General’s Daughter is created with a solid job when it comes to making an action-drama thriller. This teleserye is truly a masterpiece!” another Twitter user @BedazzledB1ue said.

“Every episode showcase why Angel Locsin is one of the most versatile actress,” said @143KayeDaniel.

“The two generals as masterminds with Ethan and Franco being their lead pawns. Interesting dynamic.” @__geeyuh also tweeted.

Watch the trending scenes here:


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