Tuesday, January 29, 2019

#TGDApektado: The General’s Daughter rules Twitter Trends with multiple related topics!

The General’s Daughter is totally predominating! Gaining a good traction both on social media and national TV ratings, this newest primetime offering supersedes teleserye tropes exceedingly handles its run with spectacle and consistent surprise element. Each episode proves why this tv series is billed as “the biggest teleserye of 2019” befitting Angel Locsin’s much-anticipated comeback and Action Drama-Queen title.

Last night, another episode of “The General’s Daughter” set the online world on fire again dominating Twitter Trends nationwide and worldwide! Among the trending topics were “Rhian,” “Amelia,” “Jessie,” “Tiago,” “Corazon,” “Loisa,” “Manang Isabelle” and the episode’s official hashtag “#TGDApektado.”

The “Tiago-Amelia” and “Marcial-Corazon” exchanges of dialogues showcased two non-stereotypical love stories that left the viewers in awe, not to mention the riveting Tiago-Rhian-Franco, Marcial-Jessie, Rhian-Marcial, Ethan-Rhian scenes and the second appearance of Claire Del Fierro (Loisa Andalio) which commanded a more interesting story ahead. You also probably shed a tear or two after witnessing the heavy mother-daughter drama from Amelia (Janice De Belen) and Angel’s Rhian which by far the most emotion-gripping scene in this series’ 6-day run.

Netizens were quick to give feedback commending everyone behind this superlative work on primetime.

“The General's Daughter boasts of its powerhouse cast and we are indeed blessed to see these incredibly talented artists showcase their acting chops.Maricel.Eula.Janice.TirsoAlbert. Wow.This kind of line up tell us already we will never be short-changed by this show,” Twitter user @itsxtiancapuyan said.

“Another effective portrayal @143redangel as a daughter in pain for a mother’s love. You are an acting delight!” @SUSSANE.SANTOS tweeted.

“Sobrang touching din nung eksena sa bahay nila Ethan habang nakatingin si Rhian sa nanay nila Ethan! Mas masarap daw magluto ito kesa kay Tita Corazon!” another Twitter user @143anewor said.

“Ibang klase ang TGD, aabangan mo talaga ang mga episode. #TGDApektado!” @joybelle829 also said.

The next episode is a must-watch! Don’t forget to tune in after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch this highlights:


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