Thursday, January 17, 2019

SNEAK PEEK: Outtakes from Angel Locsin’s second AVON bag collection!

Most women would feel naked without their bags! As we all know, women usually have more things to carry than men do. Unlike men who can just stuff their must-haves in their pockets, women do not regrade it as stylish. In fact, some consider them as a woman’s best friend, as they go with her everywhere and carry all the important belongings she needs. Bags are also not just something where women put the things they can’t leave their house without but also regarded as their accessories and fashion statement and have become one of the most important factors of a woman’s attire, personality and status. Their designs and use would really depend on women’s preference and how they would use them. As for many Filipinas, they want the type of bags that’s both for convenience and style. And that’s exactly how the award-winning and versatile actress and now, a bag designer, made her Avon Fashions bag collection perfect for modern Filipinas!

Last year, Angel Locsin and one of most respectable brands, Avon Fashions, released their collaboration entitled, Avon Fashions x Angel Locsin. This collaboration leads off with three simple but beautifully designed handbags that were inspired by the designer herself, Angel Locsin. Just like her, she made them classic, organized and stylish!

And on Thursday, TeamAngelPH took to Instagram a sneak peek of Angel’s second collection of AVON handbags with the caption that reads:

“If you loved #AvonFashionsXAngelLocsin, here’s a good news for you! Angel Locsin just shoot for another collection that is coming out very soon! Double tap if you are excited ❤️”

Angel never really ceases to amaze her fans and admirers with the many things that she could do. Adding to the long list of her many accomplishments is this second bag collection that will be available soon!

I like the green one! How about you? Share us your thoughts on the comments!

Source: Instagram


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