Sunday, January 6, 2019

SCOOP: Did Angel just buy an island? Find out here.

In a recent Instagram post, Angel Locsin posted a photo of her in the picture-perfect Talisayen Cove expressing her gratitude to her fans and supporters who helped her in realizing her dream and also her father’s. She wrote, “little by little, I’m ALMOST there to fulfill my father’s and now, my dream as well, to have a place where we can spend time as a family while being able to preserve the beauty of nature! I don’t post stuff like this, but this became possible BECAUSE OF YOU guys so I feel you deserve to know that by giving me a chance in this world, your kindness and love has done wonders to our lives. Thank you so so much, I hope #TheGeneralsDaughter would somehow make you happy in return :) Excited for our next journey together.”

As Walt Disney says, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Our dreams can and do come true when we are willing, committed and brave enough to believe in them, do the hard work it takes and always be grateful to those who serve as our anchors along the way.

There will be bumps in the road and sometimes, you will find yourself in a variety of life changing situations all at once, then there’s this wonderful woman, one of the most bankable and iconic celebrities we know who tells the world that amidst the storm in her recent years, remains still holding on to her dreams, thanking those who took part in it and now starting to live the dream just as how she imagined.

Following a recent article about how Angel and her family celebrated New Year’s Day by the beach of Talisayen Cove in San Antonio, Zambales, many speculates that this dream come true on the actress’ Instagram post means that she already bought the property.

On the comments, netizens are quick to ask if Angel owns an island or just a beach resort. Some of them who are from within the vicinity of Zambales Coast said that they have spotted the actress touring its islands, beaches and coves and seemed to answer the speculations clarifying that she’s now the owner of the Talisayen Cove which is just a part of the scenic coastline.

Meanwhile, Angel’s boyfriend Neil Arce, other celebrities and friends expressed their excitement about Angel fulfilling her dream on the comments. See below:

 Source: Instagram


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