Saturday, January 19, 2019

LOOK: Angel Locsin, Gal Gadot and Crystal Liu, a netizen’s favorite super heroes!

A netizen who goes by the handle @StephhhCo shared photos of his favorite superheroes via tweet. His top pick is Darna (2005) immortalized by Angel Locsin and unarguably one of the best portrayals of the Filipino comic super-heroine. In fact, many dubbed Angel as people’s favorite and real-life Darna for she personalizes her in real life through charity and humanitarian works on and off cam. Not to mention the impeccable and unrivalled achievement of the Darna tv series as it still undisputed in terms of social impact and viewership for having the highest national TV rating in the history. As the Darna to beat, Angel Locsin can be considered an unsung superhero for all the right reasons.

Next up is Gal Gadot who played the magnificent Wonder Woman and changed the way we watch DC movies. She is undoubtedly one of the most admired women in Hollywood for being all that she is, making a name in her own right.

Last but not the least is Crystal Liu, also known as Liu Yi Fei, a Chinese superstar who will play the eponymous titular character in Mulan which is expected to premiere on the big screen in 2020 under Walt Disney Pictures.

All these women portrayed their roles so remarkably in all levels warranting them a monicker, superheroes. Their roles on screen may be fictional characters but the impact of their portrayals move the world in a positive way.

May they continue to inspire the heroes we all have inside us!

Are they your favorite superheroes too? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter


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