Friday, January 4, 2019

“I’M COMING BACK” — says Angel Locsin on a very emotional Instagram post!

A few weeks left before The General’s Daughter TV premiere and while everyone is excitedly anticipating the long-awaited grand comeback of Angel Locsin on primetime, the actress shared on Instagram a poetic rundown of what she has gone through the past years like she never seemed shattered, but rather, rose above it all like a breathtaking mosaic of battles she’s won.

“2015 challenged me. 2016 broke me. 2017 changed me. 2018 opened my eyes. 2019 I’M COMING BACK. After 5 years.... This is Angel Locsin reporting for duty as Rhian Bonifacio,” she heart-stirringly captioned her Instagram post.

Angel Locsin has always been unafraid to speak her mind and heart. It’s one of the qualities people love about her. And just like how she insinuates her strength, grit and grace through words and actions, on her Instagram posts for instance, Angel is truly laudable as someone who turns pain and healing process into wisdom and power, a strong woman who has been thrown to the wolves but always returns leading the pack.

After 5 long years, she is back in her fighting form as a Queen and a warrior many would go to war beside. She is set to conquer primetime soon as the titular character in The General’s Daughter billed as the ABS-CBN’s biggest production in 2019 which warrants a surefire action-packed entry to her impeccable filmography. Long wait is really over! This is Angel’s 5th full length Kapamilya TV series that will premiere this January 21.

There were many bumps in the road before it finally came to this point. It was in 2015 when Angel Locsin and ABS-CBN came to a final decision that the actress will no longer reprise the iconic role of Darna due to her devastating spine injury. This decision broke the hearts of millions and Angel Locsin didn’t withhold this truth to her fans and Darna supporters by personally explaining her reasons to avoid misconceptions. It was so painful but has also shown how brave she was doing it scared and hurt on national television in October 2015. And just when you think everything’s going to be okay after she took a much deserved rest and underwent the necessary medical procedures and rehab for several months, life really had a playful way of sneaking up when 2016 got the better of her that we can’t even put the details into words. Thankful for the love and support her fans, friends and family are giving her, Angel didn’t give up and stay the course.

It really felt like the world fell apart around her but she's found strength in struggles to get back up. She faced 2017 proving that life is not about avoiding bruises but rather collecting scars when she showed up for it, pushing the waves everyday and decided to fight. Those who love and support her always stay right behind, cheering her on as she slowly picked herself up.

All progress indeed begins with a brave decision. Accept that your heart will break and trust that you will survive, this is probably what Angel’s 2018 was about. And one of her courageous decisions she made was finally to let go of what‘s hurting her heart and soul, believing that the best is yet to come.


You deserve the best in life, Angel! 2019 has definitely a lot in store for you and we will always be here every step of the way!

Source: Instagram


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